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25 Years of Field Experience by the Green Living Guy Pushes for Electric Cars

The push toward lowering greenhouse gases has taken center stage to save the planet from global warming. Projects to help cut fossil fuel use seem to be the answer. That’s why The Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman, is so adamant in his mission.

The Green Living Guy has been in the field for over twenty-five years. He has experience working for NYS on many green projects with NYSERDA and NYPA. Overall, his company adds to his passion and competence in group advocacy. 

As The Green Living Guy makes necessary steps to expand the reach of his advocacy, he looks forward to inviting more people to listen to his podcast on electric vehicles, green living, and climate change. As President of the Greater Hudson Valley Electric Vehicle Association, he encourages people with EVs to join their team. 

On top of running the Green Living Guy, Seth Leitman is an electric car enthusiast known as a green living guru. He has authored and edited nine books with TAB McGraw-Hill called the Green Guru Guides.

“I always loved the environment, but it became evident that brands and my name had to be one over time, doing what I love. A friend of mine too started his TV show and made a name for himself,” said Seth Leitman, the Green Living Guy, who shared his vulnerability and deep love for the environment. 

He creates and releases his content through different platforms like his blog, consulting firm, and podcast. Seth Leitman always makes sure that the green cars are in their top condition by test driving them. Seith Leitman is a passionate advocate and a member of the International Motor Press Association and the local Electric Vehicle Association president.

One day Seth said that this was the critical change in his branding.  So eventually, he became known as  Seth Leitman, The Green Living Guy.

“I want people to know that I am a natural resource on climate change, the environment, global warming, green living, and electric cars in New York. So I will be bringing electric cars, buses, and another great green tech to NY,” said the Green Living Guy. 

So Seth Leitman is looking and calling all working in their area to give him a message so that he and his team can help more people go green.

“Our social media services are bare none; our clients always explode off the charts after our work,” said the versatile advocate of the environment. 

Moreover, here is another recent example of their outstanding performance. So the Green Living Guy enterprise is already preparing to launch several services. Those that will revolutionize and scale the company’s success even further. One of his notable clients. 

Seth Leitman recently helped Green Power Motor Company to hold an event with their electric school bus and four (4) NYS Senators. Led by NYS Senator Peter Harckham, Seth proved how he adds aim to champion the venture’s goal. That’s to promote those necessary environmentally friendly alternatives for the common good today.

In the next five years, they want to eventually provide several services like what they did with Green Power Motor. This is to canvas over the next few years. All that will bring the company together and reach higher levels of success and expand their business. With this, they are looking for people to make their services more available to more and more people online. 

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