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February 25, 2024
February 25, 2024

10 Intriguing Facts You Need to Know About Game of Thrones

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Game of Thrones, the epic fantasy series based on George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels, captured the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide. For these eight seasons, Game of Thrones broke many records, created some controversies, and gave us 73 thrilling and exciting episodes to stream on Hulu.

If you are living abroad and trying to access Hulu outside USA to stream this highly acclaimed show, then get a reliable VPN service, as Hulu is geo-restricted globally. And, of course, it made us all want a dragon of our own. Here are 10 intriguing facts about the show that you might not know:

Inspiration from History

Many elements of the series were inspired by actual historical events, such as the Wars of the Roses, which influenced the political intrigue and power struggles in Westeros. Moreover, while filming Season 6, Battle of the Bastards, director Miguel Sapochnik takes inspiration from real-life conflicts, especially the Battle of Cannae in 216 BCE, where the Carthaginians defeated the Romans and won.

Tommy Dunne, who was the weapons master on Game of Thrones, told Mental Floss in 2014 that when he was creating weapons for the show, “I [looked] at different periods and different eras—Egyptian, monolithic,” and created some of the show’s armaments on their actual historical counterparts.

Massive Production

Game of Thrones was one of the most expensive TV productions ever, with each episode costing millions of dollars to create, thanks to its elaborate sets, costumes, and visual effects.

There are more than 1000 staff members, and they’re divided into two different teams to shoot at the same time at different spots.

Furthermore, Season Five of the series was filmed in five different countries on 151 sets, many of which are custom-built and many of which are smartly disguised historical buildings and events. The show has 144 cast members that divide their time between production units and are dispersed into different landscapes and kingdoms.

Dothraki Language

The Dothraki language was meticulously constructed by linguist David J. Peterson, who created a fully functional language with its grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. He said that its grammar is primarily similar to Russian, but the vocabulary is majorly inspired by Genghis-Khan Mongolian language to depict their nomadic lifestyle resemblance.

 Dothraki, which is spoken by Jason Momoa’s character Khal Drogo and his tribe. The linguist invented this language first in reaction to an online competition launched by the show’s producers before the series first aired.

George R.R. Martin’s Involvement:

Although the TV series outpaced the book series, George R.R. Martin remained involved in the show, helping outline significant plot points and sharing insights with the showrunners. Not only that, he had approached to make a cameo in the show in one of the memorable roles. 

A severed head on a stake but according to Martin, “Those severed heads are expensive … So, unless I provide my own, I don’t get to be a severed head!”.

Moreover, Benioff and Weiss also approached him to make a cameo appearance in Season 8, but Martin didn’t have the time as he was working on The Winds of Winter.

Casting Challenges

Some iconic roles, like Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark, were cast almost last minute after initial choices didn’t work out, proving that sometimes, serendipity plays a role in creating great characters.

“I remember we probably looked at 300 girls in England and could not find the right Arya,” Benioff said at SXSW in 2017. “We just could not cast her.” While going through the auditions videos, they found Maisie Williams’s audition video while sitting in a Moroccan hotel lobby with a poor internet connection. Still, they selected her due to that small thumbnail that looked positive.

Record-Breaking Piracy

For most fans, it is simpler to just crash on their couch, switch on the TV and watch their favorite show when it airs, streams, or has a rerun. But for the more unorthodox fans, the legal way is merely an impediment to achieving their enjoyment.

Game of Thrones consistently topped the list of the most pirated TV shows in the world, highlighting its immense global popularity. The show was pirated over a billion times, far more than streamed legally.

Unexpected Fates

The show became infamous for its willingness to kill off main characters, often in shocking and unexpected ways, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

Multiple Record Wins

Game of Thrones is one of the most remarkable shows in history. Peter Dinklage is the most successful cast member when it comes to awards and nominations. He won 7 awards and received 40 additional nominations. The show itself holds the record for the most Emmy wins by a scripted television series, with a total of 59 wins.

Direwolf Adoptions

After the show’s premiere, there was a surge in the adoption of Siberian Huskies, which resemble the Stark family’s dire wolves. This led to concerns about abandoned dogs when some families couldn’t handle the breed’s needs.

Global Impact

The series had a significant impact on tourism in the locations where it was filmed, such as Dubrovnik in Croatia (King’s Landing) and Northern Ireland (many outdoor scenes), showcasing the potential of television tourism.


We hope you liked these interesting facts about Game of Thrones, as it will forever be remembered as a groundbreaking series that left a lasting legacy on both the fantasy genre and the television industry.

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