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Now Relation Between Will Smith And Chris Rock After Oscar Incident

This article provides details about the recent Oscar incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock, courtesy of USA Today. The author was able to find some interesting insight into the conflict between the two storied actors. “The story resonated with fans of both actors, who commented and debated on Twitter. Smith’s supporters said that Rock was out of line for not giving Smith the respect he deserves as a critically acclaimed actor. Rock’s defenders said that it was wrong to put people into categories and strain them into an uncomfortable box. The mainstream media has been unwilling to publicly call out Hollywood’s increasingly petty behavior, but this incident shows how far we have strayed from decency,” writes USA Today writer Bob Strauss.

What you should know: This is one of those situations in which people are acting like jerks on social media, but given the facts, the writing is on the wall. No one should be overjoyed by this conflict between

Now what are the implications of this slap of Will Smith And chris rock?

After Will Smith and Chris Rock’s tense encounter at the Academy Awards, the now-public tension between the two stars has only grown. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rock addresses the altercation and its aftermath, saying that he doesn’t know what Smith was thinking when he slapped him.

“I don’t know what he was thinking,” Rock tells Rolling Stone. “It just didn’t feel like a real slap.” He continues, “I’m sure it didn’t look like a real slap on TV.”

Smith’s spokesperson told E! News that the actor is not commenting on the situation.

While their relationship likely won’t be repaired any time soon, Rock’s comments offer some insight into what went down between them on Oscars night. It seems as though Smith may have been angry after Rock made a joke about his daughter Jada Pinkett Smith. According to reports, Rock said, “That’s one tough act to follow: being Will Smith’s daughter.” While this joke may not have been funny to everyone in the audience, Smith apparently took offense to it.

Rock also addressed how he felt about getting slapped by Smith and admits that he wasn’t sure what

Was this just a mistake or does it have a bigger meaning?

After the Oscars, Will Smith and Chris Rock had a bit of a public spat. The two actors had been trading insults during the show, but things came to a head after Chris Rock won Best Actor in a Leading Role. Smith took to his Instagram story to say “Yo, this n***a won best actor award… I was gonna say something but then I saw he was black so I didn’t.” This led to an angry response from Rock on Twitter, who said “Yo Will Smith, I watched your performance. It was pretty bad. You could’ve done better.” The two eventually buried the hatchet, but their relationship now seems tenuous at best. What does this mean for their future collaborations?

Why did something like this happen?

It seems like Chris Rock was not too happy with Will Smith’s post-Oscar victory interview on “Good Morning America.”

The two performed together at the Academy Awards, and Will Smith expressed his admiration for Chris Rock.

However, after their interview, Chris Rock took to his Twitter account to say some negative things about Will Smith.

The two have since reconciled, but this incident raises some interesting questions about the relationship between celebrities and their fans.

What is the etiquette when a celebrity interacts with their fans? What do fans expect from their favorite celebrities? And how do these incidents affect relationships between celebrities and their fans long term?

What does this mean for their movie and potential follow up projects?

After the Academy Awards incident, where Will Smith and Chris Rock appeared to exchange heated words, the relationship between the two men has taken a bit of a hit. However, that doesn’t mean their projects are cancelled – or that they won’t work together in the future. In fact, speaking at a press conference for his new movie Collateral Beauty, Smith said it’s “cool” he and Rock are no longer friends. The two men have also been spotted together filming new projects recently. So what does this mean for their movie and potential follow up projects?

It’s unclear how things went down between Smith and Rock at the Academy Awards, but given their past public feuds it’s not surprising things got pretty heated. Nevertheless, both men seem to be moving on from the incident and are still working together on new projects. This includes filming new scenes for Collateral Beauty, which is set to release later this year.

It’s possible that this incident could lead to tension between the two men during production, but so far it seems like they’re handling things diplomatically. This is good news for those hoping to see more collaborations between Smith and Rock in the future.

What were their thoughts and reactions on the incident?

Now that the dust has settled from the Academy Awards, it’s safe to say that relations between Will Smith and Chris Rock are not as good as they once were. With Smith being caught on tape apparently lip-syncing during his song “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” performance, Rock took to Twitter to express his disbelief and disappointment. 

It seems like this incident is the final nail in the coffin between Smith and Rock. Who have been feuding for years now. The actor is well known for being one of the biggest critics. When it comes to comedians and comic book characters. There have been many incidents between the two, but this is definitely the most serious and interesting. You can check out Rock’s tweets below. This is not the first time that Smith has been caught lip-syncing at live shows. In January, Smith was also caught lip-syncing during a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Maybe he should just stop singing live altogether? It certainly doesn’t help his reputation among comics! Do you think Will Smith should apologize to Chris Rock? Sound off in the comments section below!

How has the public reacted to the altercation so far?

Both actors were in attendance at the Academy Awards on Sunday night and things went south. According to reports, Will Smith and Chris Rock were involved in an altercation backstage. After the former called out the latter for his jokes about black people. The two were seen exchanging heated words before things escalated.

Since then, the public has had a lot to say about the incident. Some have sided with Smith while others have defended Rock.

 Meanwhile, others have called for Smith to be fired from the Oscars. See what people are saying about it in their tweets below. Some have gone as far as to say that Smith should not be allowed back at the Oscars next year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a few years ago. Will Smith was involved in a backstage altercation with Madonna during the 2011 Academy Awards. He was thrown out of the event. However, as one Twitter user pointed out on Monday evening. Fans are not happy about Will Smith being removed from the Oscars stage again this year.

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