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Why Moving in With Your Partner Is Essential Before Marriage

Relationships could improve if you move in with your partner: preparing you for the married life
Relationships could improve if you move in with your partner: preparing you for the married life

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Many things indicate that a serious relationship is prepared for marriage, and one of the essential steps in the modern era is moving in with your partner.

Over the past few decades, moving in with your partner has been an enormous leap that can be both exciting and scary.

Here we look at some of the benefits of living with your partner.

Moving in

In the past, most couples just got married. However, cohabiting relationships have become a norm running along the line of ringless marriage.

Couples often move in together to test married life before getting married.


Getting married ultimately means living with your partner permanently.

Although some couples have been together for years, others immediately jump in after a short time and leave it to them to learn more about their partner’s habits.

Living with someone 24/7 gives you a taste of what married life will be like in the long run.

Moving in with your partner gives you an idea of ​​whether or not you want to stay for the wedding. But not all couples who move in together want to get married and be happy with their lives as they are.

Preparing for the financial situation

Finances often create problems in marriage, but moving in with your partner could give you an idea of ​​what the financial situation will be like in the future.

Most couples face financial difficulties, especially when it comes to major purchases like buying a house or a car.

When you move in with your partner, you can see how you can coexist financially, share responsibilities, and set boundaries.

The health benefits of moving in together

Arielle Kuperberg, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina, believes that people living together can benefit physically and mentally.

“People who cohabitate are healthier than single people but a little bit less healthy than married people,” explains Kuperberg.

“But the differences between cohabitors and married people tend to disappear when you account for things like education, wealth, income.”

She explains that living with some, especially your partner, can raise the stakes for the consequences of your behavior.

“One of the reasons marriage is associated with better health behavior is because you have someone living with you, watching what you do all the time,” she added.

“You’re getting the monitoring whether you’re married or not.”

The downside of living with a partner

While there are many benefits to living with your partner, there can also be drawbacks.

Geoffrey Leggat, a graduate student at La Trobe University in Australia, wrote that living together means influencing each other in new ways.

An example he cites is the consumption of alcohol.

Living with female partners can affect their drinking habits, but women don’t.

Their eating habits can also be affected, with one affecting the other.

Also, the partners who live together may not have their own personal space, but that can always solve the situation with a good discussion.


Couples who want to get married can find an excellent option to prepare for marriage and strengthen their relationship.

While moving has pros and cons, the decision ultimately depends on how well the couples communicate and compromise.


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