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Why did Lamora Williams kill her 2 children?

Lamora Williams wanted to show her daughter the way of life that she lived. She wanted to teach her daughter how to be a lady, how to be beautiful, and how a woman should act. But when a friend of her daughter’s said “I would kill my children before I let them grow up like the monsters you and your mother are,” she snapped. When Lamora Williams killed her two children, she committed one of the most heinous crimes in society.

But why did Lamora Williams commit this crime?

Lamora Williams was raise in a single-parent home. She and her brother grew up with their mother but learne how to be a lady from her aunt. Lamora mother who was only sixteen when she had Lamora, never taught her daughter how to be a lady. When Lamora’s aunt trie to teach her, she would get snappy with her and turn away from it. Lamora wanted to be like the other girls in her neighborhood, with nice hair and nails, but she could only do this if she looked like the kind of girl who could take care of herself. So she would watch her mother for helpful hints. Often, when Lamora’s mother was talking to her aunt, she would have in the back of her mind some hopeful message from Lamora’s aunt.

Lamora’s mother was abusive to Lamora and her brother, which made Lamora believe that women were mean. After hearing this from her daughter’s friend, she believed that if she ever had children, they would grow up like the “monsters” that she and her mother were. If a twelve-year-old is tell to kill her two children, it is not surprising that she would believe that her mother was telling her this to get rid of such “monsters.” Williams also learne from others in the community. One of these people was a man who had been arrested. He was an alcoholic and she felt sorry for him, just as she would want her child to feel sorry for her.

Lamora Williams believed that if she had a child, she could have what her friend wanted. She would have an eighteen-year-old who could show her the way of life. But this does not mean she wanted her children to die.

She seemed troubled from a young age

Lamora Williams was trouble from a young age. In the fourth grade, she was send to an alternative school for threatening a boy with a gun. Then she was send to another alternative school for threatening her English teacher with glitter glue. Finally, in the seventh grade, she was send to an alternative school for fighting with another girl over the color of a boy’s shirt. There were other things she did that were more serious. When she was fourteen, her mother broug her home to tell her that her father die. She was throw out of school for accidentally pulling the fire alarm, and she even trie to commit suicide.

But Lamora Williams was just a troubled teenager.

Troubled teenager turned killer

But one day, in October of 2017, she snapped and became a murderer. Over the next few months, Lamora Williams was having an affair with a man name Nicholas Gallows. They met through a mutual friend who was an addict. They would see each other when he was sober, and he would tell her that such and such person needed money for heroin. She would show up at the house, sometimes with her friend Angelina Adu, sometimes with her brother. Then when he had a new supply of heroin, she would show up once again and beg for money. He would always give her money, and even gave her his iPod to sell. He bought the heroin from Angelina and kept a portion of the proceeds for himself.

Lamora Williams started buying heroin for herself when she was about fifteen. She was in high school and a very “mean girl” reputation, along with the reputation of being a troublemaker. There were many girls who had it in for her, and they would call her a “slut,” making her feel that she was just like them. This kept her from being accept by the other girls. When she started buying heroin for her own use, she did not have the same money as the others, so she made do with what she could afford.

Then, in February of 2018, Lamora Williams got pregnant. She was about six months pregnant when she killed her two children. She had been seeing Gallows for about a month at the time, and she had stopped using heroin. But she once again started using heroin after finding out that she was pregnant with his child.

Brenda Williams tried to take custody of the kids after Lamora’s boyfriend left

Brenda Williams, a friend of Lamora’s mother, tried to take custody of the kids. This was because Lamora’s mother was very abusive and did not care for the children at all. She made sure that they would always have dirty clothes and be hungry. She even took the shoes off of the kids’ feet when they went to bed so that they would not get caught in their own shoes as they ran away from home. When Brenda Williams met Lamora’s mother at a grocery store, she asked her what she did for a living. Lamora’s mother said that she was an attorney and owned her own law firm. Brenda Williams called Lamora’s mother later to ask her about the children, but she refused to talk about them.

So when Lamora boyfriend left Lamora was very worrie. She knew she could not raise her child on her own, so she decided to kill it.

Why did she want to kill her children?

Lamora Williams killed her children because she could not support them. Not only did she not want to raise them, but she could not even keep a job. She had been working at McDonald’s,

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