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Upcoming Riverdale Episode to Adapt the Famous Zombie-Filled Archie Comics?

Art by Franco Francavilla
Art by Franco Francavilla

The Chilling Tales of Sabrina fans were dealt a harsh blow when they heard that Netflix had canceled the series. However, those who appreciate Kiernan Shipka’s work will be eager to see what she does in Riverdale after being cast in the upcoming episode dealing with witchcraft.

When the news broke out, fans couldn’t hold back their excitement. They flooded social media platforms with expressive posts.

Sabrina will make her return to television on the 19th episode of Riverdale’s sixth season.

However, Sabrina’s reason for visiting Riverdale is a dark one.

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“When several of their own fall prey to Percival’s (guest star Chris O’Shea) latest plan, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) calls upon fellow witch Sabrina Spellman (guest star Kiernan Shipka) for help,” writes the official episode synopsis. “Elsewhere, Percival gives Reggie (Charles Melton) an ultimatum.”

The new Sabrina-driven trailer revealed that she will be visiting Riverdale to help bring Archie and Jughead back from the dead.

The zombie apocalypse has been a popular theme in pop culture for years now, and it’s no surprise that Riverdale is getting into the act. However, the first Archie story to feature zombies can be found in the Afterlife with Archie comics.

Afterlife with Archie shows the gang in survival mode as they make their way out of a zombie-infested Riverdale.

The apocalypse began when Jughead sought the help of Sabrina to bring Hot Dog back from death after he had been run over by an envy-filled Reggie Mantle.

Despite the ban on necromancy, Sabrina does what she can – only to bring back an undead Hot Dog who bites Jughead and sets off a zombie apocalypse.

Sabrina’s life becomes a living hell when Aunts Hilda and Zelda offer her as Cthulhu’s bride.

This story is an original take on the well-known Archie Comics, kicking off their horror series, along with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (which inspired the Netflix show), Jughead: The Hunger, Vampironica, and Blossoms 666.

The series is written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa with illustrations by Francesco Francavilla.

The Witches of Riverdale has yet to be released, but fans are eager for any information on how closely the episode will follow the popular comic book series.

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