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Top 10 Cleaning Companies in Portland

Living in a clean home brings so much satisfaction to day-to-day life. But with busy schedules, such as working or studying from home, families may not have enough time to keep their houses as clean as they want them to be. Thus, cleaning services were born out of a desire to help families and individuals with housekeeping.

Hiring house cleaners was previously seen as a luxury, but now more and more families are beginning to see it as a service that helps them focus on other aspects of their lives. With the cleaning of their homes taken care of, they gain the freedom to pursue other things and even gives them more time to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. To help Portland residents achieve peace of mind through clean households, here is a list of the ten best cleaning services that Portland has to offer.

  1. Maids by Trade

After seeing the need for a home cleaning service that uses environmentally-friendly products, Fortino Barajas founded Maids by Trade. Their cleaning services use their proprietary EcoPink System, their own eco-friendly cleaning techniques that have been proven safe and effective. In addition, the cleaning products they use are all Green Seal certified and EPA approved, making them the first cleaning service in Oregon to implement eco-friendly cleaning practices.  

Maids by Trade has been providing cleaning services for over twenty years. In that time, this company has built a reputation for perfection as all of their cleaners are experienced professionals who have impeccable attention to detail. Their team believes that a clean house is a happy house, and they deliver a hassle-free cleaning experience with each visit.

Website: www.maidsbytrade.com  

  1. Helping Hands Central

With their company motto of “Home Clean Home,” Helping Hands Central has been one of Portland’s most trusted residential cleaning services since 1989. They consistently provide high-quality services because each person in the company is given extensive education and training in all the best ways to clean their client’s home and possessions. In addition, they assign the same person to a client each time they book, so their staff learns the particular needs of their clients.

Aside from top-notch cleaning, Helping Hands Central also provides concierge services, laundry and ironing, pet sitting, pre- and post-party clean-up, and organization services, to name a few. With a suite of custom services, their clients do not have to stress about doing the dirty work.

Instagram: @homecleanhomepdx 

Website: www.helpinghandscentral.com 

  1. Domestica

Domestica is a socially and environmentally responsible cleaning company established in 2001. They offer both residential and commercial cleaning services for clients in Portland. What sets them apart from other cleaning companies is that they provide clients with a service quote rather than a time quote for cleanings. This practice means that they have a regular fixed rate for their regular services, although first-time clients will need to book a more comprehensive deep clean.

For commercial cleaning, Domestica specializes in small to medium-sized businesses such as office spaces, retail stores, spas, salons. Moving in/moving out cleaning as well as post-construction or post-remodeling cleanup is available for both residential and commercial clients. 

Website: www.domesticaclean.com 

  1. Girl Friday Home Services

Girl Friday Home Services is a female-owned cleaning company that provides personally tailored and eco-friendly services. Founder Nicole Frank realized early on that harsh cleaning products had harmful effects on both the environment and the people who use them. So she sought to provide services that ensured a clean space that is also healthy and environmentally conscious.

Clients who book a cleaning with them can avail of a customized cleaning plan that suits each client’s individual needs. Standard services can include full house cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and bathroom cleaning. Aside from these, clients can also book house sitting or pet care services. Satisfied clients have stayed with them for over a decade, which is a testament to their professionalism.

Website: www.girlfridayhs.com 

  1. Sparkling Palaces

Sparkling Palaces is a female-owned and locally-run cleaning company that has provided detailed cleaning services since 2002. This firm was founded on the principle of delivering reliable, quality house cleaning every time. As such, each of their cleaners, who they refer to as Sparklers, have professional training under a rigorous program created by this company.

This company is known for providing a detailed cleaning of Portland’s historic homes. Clients can schedule a recurring cleaning or a one-time booking. Recently, Sparkling Palaces have expanded their services to include commercial property cleanings, such as offices, retail stores, and salons. They also offer enhanced disinfection using their Deep UV Treatment.

Website: www.sparklingpalaces.com 

  1. Mess Maid Right NW

As a cleaning company, Mess Maid Right aims to take on the task of cleaning homes and businesses so families and entrepreneurs are free to live and work without worrying about the mess. They have been in service since 2005, cleaning homes and establishments in Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and surrounding areas. This company is also an active Chapter Member of Cleaning for a Reason, and they provide free cleanings for women who are battling cancer.

Mess Maid Right NW offers a variety of services aside from house cleaning. They also offer post-construction cleanup, moving in/moving out cleaning, janitorial service and commercial cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, disinfecting services, and hardwood floor care.

Website: www.messmaidrightnw.com  

  1. Toria’s Housekeeping

Established in February 2000, Toria’s Housekeeping is Portland’s largest housekeeping referral agency. This company is locally owned and operated, providing services in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. They provide quality work at a reasonable price, making it accessible. 

They provide house cleaning maintenance, including kitchen and bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning, and living and dining room cleaning. In addition, clients can also avail themselves of add-on services such as laundry and ironing, closet cleaning, drawer and cupboard cleaning, packing, and party assistance. Clients can also book Toria’s Housekeeping for their moving in or moving out and post-construction cleaning needs. They offer regular weekly or bi-weekly services and one-time or occasional services. They also make it easy for clients to switch housekeepers at any time.

Website: www.toriashousekeeping.com 

  1. Victory Cleaning Services

Victory Cleaning Services was established in 2000 and is a Portland IICRC-certified house cleaning company. They use biodegradable and green products when cleaning, especially in homes with children, pets, and allergy sensitivities. Their services include cleaning, sweeping, mopping, laundry, and dishwashing. They also specialize in carpet cleaning, including steam cleaning, stain removal, and deodorizing. Victory Cleaning also provides emergency carpet cleaning for residential and commercial spaces.

Aside from serving homes, Victory Cleaning Services has expanded to cleaning commercial spaces as well. Their team does water extractions for flood jobs, stripping or replacing laminate on concrete and tiles, bleach repair, and moisture testing. For commercial spaces, they serve businesses, banks, schools and hospitals. 

Website: www.vcleaningservices.net 

  1. Rainy Day Home Cleaning

Rainy Day Home Cleaning is a woman-owned and operated cleaning service. They provide residential cleaning services that ensure a stress-free and satisfactory experience. To ensure they meet their client’s specific home cleaning needs, their team provides a detailed itemized list to personalize each cleaning experience. 

For clients who want a more thorough cleaning, Rainy Day Home Cleaning also offers deep cleaning services to reach the tougher places around the house. This company also specializes in event cleaning, and clients can book their services in preparation for events. For example, they can clean spaces for birthday parties, weddings, holidays, and other special occasions. Clients can book a one-time cleaning appointment or avail of a recurring weekly or monthly service that suits their needs. 

To learn more about Rainy Day Home Cleaning, you may visit their website

Website: www.rainydayhomecleaning.com 

  1. Molly Maid

Molly Maid has been keeping homes clean for over 35 years. They take each family’s preferences into account and provide a customized cleaning plan for each client. They use effective concentrated cleaning products but are happy to offer their clients flexible green cleaning solutions. Their professional cleaners are adept at ensuring they rid homes of common infectious bacteria and employ methods that help prevent bacteria build-up. 

Molly Maid offers recurring or one-time house cleaning services for homes and apartments or condos. They also provide special event cleaning to help clients prepare for a party, welcome a newborn, or maintain a home while in mourning. With decades of experience in the industry, Molly Maid knows how to provide a consistent standard of cleanliness.

For more information about Molly Maid and their services, you may visit their website.

Website: www.mollymaid.com/central-portland

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