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Thomas Bryant to go to Denver Nuggets in trade

Thomas BryantThe Los Angeles Lakers made a shocking move that crushed the hearts of their fans when the NBA trade deadline finally arrived.

In exchange for Davon Reeds and second-round selections, Thomas Bryant, one of the Lakers’ top players this year, was traded to the Denver Nuggets.

The deal prompted discussion online since many people were sad to see Bryant depart.

The news

The Los Angeles Lakers will gain three second-round selections as part of the transaction, according to sportswriter Adrian Wojnarowski.

The NBA’s powerhouses paired the transaction with numerous others that took place across the league, like Orlando’s acquisition of Patrick Beverley.

The Clippers, the Laker’s neighbors, will instead give the Net two second-round selections.

Davon Reed

The Los Angeles Lakers will be Davon Reed’s fourth NBA team as he starts his fourth year.

Reed, a shooting guard, doesn’t get much action on the court.

In his brief career, he has only participated in 114 games, 35 of them with the Denver Nuggets.

Davon Reed is shooting 36.4% from 3-point range this year compared to a lifetime average of 38.4%.

Thomas Byrant

Thomas Bryant has stunned everyone this season by averaging 12.1 points per game in the wake of Anthony Davis’ injury.

The Lakers have been inspired by Bryant during the current NBA season.

He has been progressively getting back to his pre-injury form, which has occasionally helped the squad.

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Thomas Bryant has also been making one of his three-pointers and shooting 44% from beyond the arc every game.

He has hit the greatest true shooting % on an individual record while averaging the second-most rebounds in his professional career.

Thomas Bryant was successful in gaining the respect of both young and seasoned players despite his brief stint in Los Angeles.

The classic picture of LeBron James breaking the scoring record with him in the background will live on in people’s memories the most.

Decision to trade

Even though Thomas Bryant is a powerhouse for the Lakers on scoring, his defensive flaws have occasionally cost the club games.

The advantages here outweigh the disadvantages, and the Lakers appear to have additional justification for their decision.

Bryant is eligible to a sizable salary increase in the off-season, and the Lakers could not afford to pay him what he may earn on the free market.

Instead, the Lakers made the decision to take advantage of Thomas Bryan’s outstanding season so far.

They are helping him by relocating him to a more beneficial spot in the process.

The Lakers are now restocking their draft assets due to how frequently they have been traded this season.

What next?

Dan Woike and Adrian Wojnarowski claim that Wenyen Gabriel would be awarded a berth in the squad as a result of Thomas Bryant’s departure.

Gabriel had been removed from the starting lineup upon Anthony Davis’ rehabilitation.

He has only appeared in three of the Lakers’ first seven games, and one of those three appearances lasted only a few “garbage time” minutes.

Thomas Bryant was also superfluous once Jarred Vanderbilt was acquired.

Vanderbilt could play the four or the five and was just as skilled at grabbing rebounds as Bryant.

With this transaction, the Lakers basically cashed in on Thomas Bryant’s outstanding individual season because they had choices to take his spot on the roster.

The team has space for additional members.

By signing Thomas Bryant to a limited contract and then trading him for two second-round choices, the Los Angeles Lakers ultimately gained money.

The Lakers might look for more backup on the market with their extra draft selections, which are now accessible because the trade deadline has passed.

Additionally, there is a vacancy on the roster.

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