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This Russian tourist’s photo accidentally gives away the artillery location

A Russian tourist's vacation photo gives away the military's artillery location
A Russian tourist's vacation photo gives away the military's artillery location

The Russian-Ukrainian war rages on, with the former encroaching further on Ukrainian territory.

As Russian forces advance, their whereabouts will be determined imminently.

A photo recently released on the internet inadvertently revealed Russian air defenses.

The holiday photo

A Russian tourist snapped a vacation photo while visiting a beach in occupied Crimea.

The man, who wears only a speedometer, has his right arm raised in a greeting in a landscape photo – on the left of the image is a military truck.

The truck turned out to be an active S-400 air defense system positioned around the salt lake of Yevpatoria, next to the Black Sea coast.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the photo gave them an idea of ​​the location of Putin’s anti-aircraft defenses.

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Reaction to the photo

When the photo surfaced, the Ukrainian defense decided to shed some light on the situation by tweeting:

“Maybe we are being too hard on Russian tourists… Sometimes they can be really helpful.”

“Like this man taking pictures at Russian air defence [sic] positions near Yevpatoria, in occupied Crimea. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Citizen journalists quickly located the area where Russian forces arrived around July 20.

The Russians react

On Sunday evening, Mikhail Razvozzhaev, the Russian-appointed governor of annexed Sevastopol, issued a warning to Russian tourists via telegram, which reads:

“I remind you: try to shoot less photos and do not upload of how our AD works. If you are filming or taking pictures, at least don’t reference to the area.”

Officials say the warning came just before a drone attacked the headquarters of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.

Social media footage on Friday evening showed smoke billowing from a location in Sevastopol, the same location as the fleet.

Mikhail Razvovhayev, the governor of Sevastopol, said on his Telegram channel that a drone targeted the building.

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The new Russian agency Tas got wind of the governor’s remarks that said:

“I am at the Black Sea Fleet’s headquarters now. A drone hit the roof here 25 minutes ago. Unfortunately, it was not downed. There are no casualties.”

According to reports, Russian officials stationed in the area claimed, despite Razvovhayev’s statements, that the drone was shot down over the city thanks to the efforts of local defense forces.

The Ukrainian government has not commented on the attack.


Speedo-wearing Russian tourist inadvertently reveals location of Putin’s artillery in Crimea

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