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The Teleport Ecosystem Continues to Make Significant Strides Through the Launch of Its Mobile App

In recent years, NFTs have gained overwhelmingly significant power, encouraging projects to consistently innovate their strategies. True enough, a number of industry frontrunners have taken on the challenge of elevating a highly competitive trade, potentially redefining the NFT realm with their all-out approach and impressive strategies. Teleport is one such powerhouse that is taking center stage for raising the standard in the NFT space.

Amid the inherently cutthroat nature of the industry, Teleport has managed to deliver its promise of making significant strides across the NFT realm. As a matter of fact, this trailblazing project has been known in the space for skillfully utilizing augmented reality. On a mission to revolutionize the trade, Teleport is on its way to offering more than just that, landing a featured partner position at the upcoming W3BX, or Web 3 Expo, in Las Vegas that is being held at the Wynn Hotel from October 10 to 13 and is being headlined by Kevin O’Leary.

Founded by David Myung and Ounie Phakousonh, Teleport is highly acclaimed as one of the most innovative projects in the Web3 realm to date. Its high utility and versatility have been shaking up the industry by allowing all users to view their entire NFT collections in Augmented Reality using the Teleport AR Camera and Portals. 

Although these achievements already impress industry players and holders across the trade, Teleport continues to be consistent in its mission of becoming a leading force in the NFT realm. With the launch of its mobile app, the project aims to become the industry’s go-to social media site. Through this, NFT holders have a platform where they can create, explore, and be up-to-date on all things NFT.

Currently, the mobile app has been dubbed the first of its kind. Aside from integrating augmented reality in the space, the Teleport app also has a marketplace with many NFT offerings and a utility token called Port. Portal owners can use 360-degree images, videos, and live streaming of real-world locations, events, games, and metaverses to customize their Portals. Port tokens are currently listed on BitMart, and the Teleport founders have mentioned plans to get listed on more major exchanges before the end of the year.

When asked what made Teleport unique, its founders revealed that the app was designed to serve as a connection between web2 and web3. “We have a self-sufficient ecosystem where content creators have complete creative control over their Portals and use of their digital assets. We have created a platform both for users and content creators to engage in the web3 space,” shared one of its founders. “We are not simply an NFT project; we are an app platform that engages the web3, NFT, and cryptocurrency,” he added.

As the online realm continues to evolve, Teleport aims to develop as well, focusing on creating revolutionary strides across the space. With its trailblazing app, the NFT space will never be the same again and will continue to elevate in the years to come.

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