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The Phantom of the Opera to run until April next year

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The Phantom of the Opera is one of Broadway’s most popular musicals and has established itself as one of the longest-running shows.

Despite being a staple of the Broadway stage, the musical originally planned to close the curtains.

However, the musical decided to listen to the public and postpone its final show.

The announcement

The Phantom of the Opera recently postponed its final performance by over eight weeks.

The change means the final show will take place around February to April next year after a surge in ticket demand.

Last week, The Phantom of the Opera grossed $2.2 million to a sold-out crowd.


The Phantom of the Opera has been a Broadway fixture for over 30 years.

It first opened its doors in 1988.

Since then, the musical has weathered recessions, wars, and cultural shifts.

It is due to play its last Broadway show on April 16th.

By the time it closes, The Phantom of the Opera will have played more than 13,981 performances.

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Cameron Mackintosh, the lead producer of Broadway’s longest-running musical, has released a statement about the postponement.

“We are all thrilled that not only the show’s wonderful fans have been snapping up the remaining tickets, but also that a new, younger audience is equally eager to see this legendary production before it disappears.”

Meanwhile, the producers have confirmed that there will be no further postponement.

“This is the only possible extension for the Broadway champion,” they said.

“As the theater will then be closed for major renovations after the show’s incredible 35-year run.”

The musical

The Phantom of the Opera is based on the novel by Gaston Leroux.

It tells the story of a deformed composer who haunts the Paris Opera but falls in love with Christine, an innocent young soprano.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical includes songs such as “Masquerade,” “Angel of Music,” “All I Ask of You,” and “The Music of the Night.”

The closing curtain of Phantom of the Opera means the series’ longest-running title would go to Chicago, a musical that debuted in 1996.

Then comes The Lion King, which premiered in 1997.

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Broadway has been among those hit hardest by the pandemic, with all theaters closed for more than 18 months.

Popular shows like “Hamilton,” “The Lion King,” and “Wicked” were able to recover.

However, other shows had problems.

An expensive show like the Phantom of the Opera requires a steady stream of tourists to break even.

While there were more tourists, New York visitors have yet to return to pre-pandemic highs.


‘The Phantom of the Opera’ extends its long Broadway goodbye

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