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The Gambleswap NFT Club Is Set to Usher a New Gambling Experience from within the Metaverse

Casinos have been a staple in gambling, and with the technology at our disposal, developers have elevated the casino experience. Gambleswap is an NFT project that strives to revolutionize the gaming experience by introducing gamers and gamblers to the decentralized world, carving the path to the future.

The Gambleswap NFT Club innovates the gaming experience by integrating the beneficial aspects of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the Metaverse. The project is pioneering the future of online gaming through a decentralized casino gaming experience and merges the best of the decentralized world for the gaming and gambling community.

A unique project, Gambleswap will be launching an NFT collection soon with plans to fund the creation of one of the largest online casinos in the Metaverse. The collection will have 9,999 NFTs, with each Gambleswap NFT set at the price of 0.1 ETH. In addition, holders will gain the advantage of a plethora of perks and benefits. 

The benefits include the sharing of profits generated by the Gambleswap Casino, a program automatically granted to every holder, with 50% of profits generated going to the program. In addition, as a reference to its upcoming NFT launch, the team behind Gambleswap has expressed their excitement in putting the fun and profits back in the hands of people who want to gain more money from gambling on a grander scale.

“We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from the casino industry, not just the elite,” shared the team. “That’s why we are giving 50% of the profits generated in the house back to NFT holders.”

Although it is still in development, the Gambleswap Casino is set to become an exciting destination within the Metaverse that allows players to punch GMBL, the house currency required to play games, including slot machines and dice poker, and more. By utilizing advanced VR technology and building interactive experiences around the players, gamblers will get the chance to compete against each other and participate in tournaments in the hopes of winning CHIPS, an asset that can be staked to earn passive income or get redeemed for GMBL.

The Gambleswap Casino will be the first-ever Metaverse-based Casino to implement a PSE Style gaming that combines VR tech. Additionally, it is the first of its kind to operate with its own house cryptocurrency for incredible benefits and rewards. 

The project is also creating a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency for Web3, based on the BEP-20 protocol of Binance Smart Chain with a limited supply of 500,000,000. The coin will be the catalyst for trading and paying discounted fees within the Gambleswap exchange while operating as the house currency for the virtual casino.

The Gambleswap NFT Club strives to provide a safe and fun gambling experience that goes hand-in-hand with the benefits of cryptocurrency and NFT investments while involving the community. The project is pioneering a space that demands reimagination and an invigorated, high-tech approach, leading the way in decentralized innovation, including NFTs, cryptocurrency, and online gambling experiences, to name a few.

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