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If you’re interested in the modern American author Daniel Depp, you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll learn all about his life and his literary influences, as well as his own literary accomplishments including what has been called the most important book of our generation. This piece isn’t only about the man, but it’s also about the themes that run through his work and how those themes make him such an influential writer. If you love literature and are eager to learn more about one of its most famous writers, this is the article for you!

About the Daniel Depp

Daniel Depp is an American novelist, playwright, and theatre artist. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1971, he grew up immersed in a culture of academia. He attended undergraduate at Swarthmore College where he studied English and German Literature with a minor in Political Science. Thereafter he attained his MFA from New York University where he studied Creative Writing and Playwriting. He also attended Berlin’s Freie Universität and the theater academy Ernst Busch (now Haute École Estienne). 

Daniel’s acclaimed first novel Menschenkind was published by Hanser Berlinin in 2008 and translated into eight languages including Japanese, Turkish, Hebrew, and French where it received wide acclaim with the Prix France Culture-Québec awarded by PEN Club International. His second novel, Au revoir l’été – Hommage à Antoine Blondin, came out in 2011. The book has been nominated for the National Award for Arts in 2013 and has been hailed as a literary event by Die Welt newspaper. His third book Une génération perdue: la vie des mineurs de fond aux États-Unis became a bestseller on Amazon after only three weeks of release when Notre Dame de Picpus invited him to speak about the subject at their annual festival d’automne last October 2012. Daniel Depp is represented by Pippa Malmgren & Associates LLC.

The Writing Process

Daniel Depp is an American novelist, journalist, and essayist. A former media columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, he wrote humorously about pop culture, politics, and other contemporary subjects. He is the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, a National Headliner Award for Commentary/Explanatory Journalism, and two Associated Press Awards for Entertainment Features. His latest novel is Where Did We Come From? What Are We Doing Here? (2016). With more than 30 published books in over 20 languages, including In Search of Time Past: The Legacy of James Joyce; The Last Word on Alice: Conversations with Lewis Carroll’s Imaginary Friends; and Get Ready for The Bard!; he has been called one of America’s most intelligent writers by The Washington Post Book World. The New York Times said that the precision of his language creates a sense of wonder. 

He graduated from Saint Louis University in 1971. He also studied at Oxford University in England, where he was a member of Pembroke College. Depp also served as managing editor of the British publication The Face and then became head writer for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. He returned to journalism when he became director of arts coverage at United Media Syndicate.

Depp has written six novels, four volumes of short stories, and three nonfiction books. One example is In Search Of Time Past, which examines Joyce’s life through those who knew him best.

Famous Books by Daniel Depp

Daniel Depp is an award-winning American author. He attended Western Illinois University, where he studied English and Creative Writing. His debut novel, A Crime of Shadows, was published in 2010 by Permuted Press. The novel is set during the aftermath of World War II as our protagonist investigates the murder of a close friend’s brother with assistance from Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. His second novel, Welcome to Bordertown, was published in 2011 by Apex Publications and marks his introduction into Steampunk fiction genre. Daniel currently lives outside Chicago, IL with his wife and two children. 

When asked why he writes such dark stories Daniel replied: I have always written stories that I believe need to be told, even when they make me uncomfortable. He follows up because I cannot abide by lies or untruths. Writing comes naturally to me because it is how I view my world. 

Daniel Depp – Third Paragraph: Daniel grew up on a small farm in rural southeastern Wisconsin near Kettle Moraine State Forest where all of his brothers received permission to run free every day until they were old enough to stay home alone while their parents worked elsewhere.

Daniel often spoke fondly of the wildlife he encountered while roaming through miles of nature preserves. When Daniel was 13 years old, his family move to Arizona and lived there for four years before returning back to Wisconsin. Growing up in Arizona influenced Daniel’s writing as well; many say he has what others call an imagination as vast as the desert sky which many attribute to this experience in turn. He credits part of his success to being constantly surround by vivid life experiences due largely to spending much time exploring nature parks with friends and family.

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One of the things you will find on this site is a more detailed biography of Daniel Depp. In the first paragraph, you will learn that Daniel was born on January 10, 1956. That he passed away on July 5, 2013, due to cancer. You will also learn about his family life. Where he was born, grew up, attended school, and some of his early aspirations. More than what is just write here can be found at the end of this post. With links provided for more information. We hope that you have enjoyed reading about them and have learned something new from our blog post.

Daniel Depp was an excellent writer who had many wonderful ideas. We are glad that you are able to read one of them. He was recognize as one of the top-selling writers in 2011. When they published such books as The Deep Blue Goodbye, White Jazz, and Don’t Turn Around.

He is also famous for having write all three children’s novels: A Dream Called Roy (2004), Roy Rooster Rides Again (2006) and Bonnie Bears Down (2008). The Deep Blue Goodbye takes place in Santa Barbara California during WWII. It focuses on DEA agent Terry Davis. White Jazz takes place after JFK has been assassinate but before James Earl Ray has been captured by police.