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Stephen Curry’s Postgame Shirt Seals the Final Shot against a Boston Bar


It’s not unusual for athletes from both teams to trash talk and taunt their opponents. Professional players are used to waving off such nonsense, but there are times when they take a dig at it too.

When Stephen Curry took the microphone after his team’s win over Boston during the postgame press conference, curiosity arose regarding the words printed across his shirt.

“Ayesha Curry CAN cook,” wrote the print.

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Reporters asked the usual questions surrounding the game the Warriors had just won, but one reporter took his curiosity to the next level when he addressed Curry’s shirt, to which the player replied:

“You gotta ask around the room, and ask Twitter.”

The shirt was a reference to a sign displayed on the sidewalk outside of Game On!, a local sports bar in Boston. The handwritten cardboard display read: “Ayesha Curry can’t cook.”

The actress Ayesha Curry is well-known for her culinary endeavors, having started out in 2014 when she posted a YouTube video of herself cooking before launching a short-lived food network.

When Ayesha was just starting out as an author, her first book came out and became a huge hit. Since then, she’s been giving readers everything they want with more books.

There was a second sign directed at Curry’s eldest daughter, saying Deuce (misspelled as Duece on the sign) was better than Riley Curry.

Stephen Curry was not at his usual high performance on the court, but he still helped out defensively and kept Boston from scoring more than 100 points to seal their win. While Stephen’s offense wasn’t at its peak today (like it usually is), his defensive performance helped the Warriors seal the victory.

Curry also contributed with two steals, helping the Warriors seal a 3-2 win in the NBA Finals.

While he had a quiet offensive game, Curry managed to shoot one last dig at Game On!

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