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Stephen Curry GOAT Debates Run Amok as He Chases Fourth Title

Stephen Curry
With 4th title in sights, will Stephen Curry level LeBron's legacy?

The Golden State Warriors have proven the world wrong when they were labeled one of the worst teams in the sport, and one man they can thank is Stephen Curry.

An instrumental figure and the catalyst of the team, Curry has played an important role in establishing the Warriors as a force to be reckoned with and winning three NBA championships for the duration of the 2010s. While that achievement already puts him as one of the greats, Curry is currently in the process of winning a fourth championship, once again putting him in contention with LeBron James, who has already won four championship titles.

Whether Curry catches up to the Lakers star or not, he is already positioned to overtake Kevin Durant. The past eight years have seen the Warriors dominate the NBA, surprising many with his unrelenting spirit while maintaining consistent success to people around him.

Steve Kerr’s career transformed people, including Steve Kerr, who failed as a general manager while Klay Thimpson and Draymond Green have proven that they are Hall of Fame materials. Additionally, Andrew Wiggins reclaimed his promises. Stephen Curry has also brought rings, legacies, wealth, a new stadium, and even helped the Warriors acquire Kevin Durant.

Online, Stephen Curry’s weekly performance has brought the GOAT or Greatest of All Time debate and has sparked debates on whether or not he will surpass LeBron’s standing on the list of all-time greats.Curry has also been given the honor of becoming the greatest shooter in basketball, revolutionizing the NBA and steering its history on the focus on the three-point shooting and positionless play.

Curry’s individual resume and ability to transform his teammates into Hall of Fame-level players. Stephen also takes great pride in establishing himself as one of the best shooters in the sport. Additionally, Curry has established himself as a “one team” player.

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