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Steph Lamonte Using His Music to Shake the System at Its Core

Today’s political climate has been growing more restless. Music has often been a way for artists to speak their minds and say their piece. One musician and producer, Steph Lamonte, has released a new track called “Justice,” a scintillating story that speaks on how Malcolm X would feel about today’s current events. 

Steph is a hip-hop artist out of Queens, New York. His skills as a rapper have allowed him to headline multiple events. The MC has performed on stages like the Florida Theater of Jacksonville, The Comfort Zone in Toronto, Canada, and the Summer Fest in Queens, New York, to name a few. 

The musician has an uncanny way of capturing people’s interest and attention through his music. He has now gathered over 30,000 streams after four years of operating as an independent artist. Steph Lamonte has appeared on notable publications such as Skilly online. The rap artist has recently picked up a “verified artist” status on the giant streaming platform Spotify.

Steph’s iconic song “Justice” is the artist’s take on the rising issue of racial discrimination in the country. The year 2020 has been a hallmark period for the Black Lives Matter movement. Many black people have taken to the streets and podiums to cry out for justice for people who are racially profiled by the public regularly. The artist Steph Lamonte hopes that his song would help illuminate deeper issues than what meets the eye. 

Apart from “Justice,” one of Steph’s more supercharged tracks is his latest single “Healthy.” The song has reached over 20,000 streams within one week since its release. Steph followed up the song with another album called And The Award Goes To, which includes eight power-packed tracks like “Get Down,” “Lex Luthor,” “Acceptance Speech,” “Bernie,” “The Light,” and “What You Looking At?” “Out of My Element Intro,” and “Mud Interlude.”

As an artist, Steph Lamonte looks to create a lane of positivity through his talent. His ability to showcase a more vulnerable side is pretty rare in today’s hip hop scene. Through his music, Steph connects listeners to his childhood memories and brings them through the ups and downs of his journey. He bares all and tells all, never feeling like he needs to hide anything. He shares everything from how his love for basketball came to an abrupt halt, his constant spiritual battle of right and wrong, and everything in between. Steph has something for every listener.

As a talented music technician, Steph Lamonte has the ability to engineer, master and mix his own music from the comfort of his home. He has turned to this talent for livelihood as well as he does mixing and sound engineering for other artists. Steph is also a talented videographer. The music video for “Justice” was produced entirely by Steph himself.

Through his music, Steph looks to speak to more socially aware crowds and empower them through a message of hope. He hopes that his music will touch everyone at a personal and political level. Steph also seeks to inspire others to persevere through everyday struggles with morality and self-awareness, and hopefully be an instrument of inspiration for those who need it most. 

To follow Steph Lamonte and his music, check out his Spotify and Instagram accounts.

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