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South African Artists Find Footing Through NFTs

Fhatuwani Mukheli among the artists to benefit from blockchain platform The Tree
Fhatuwani Mukheli among the artists to benefit from blockchain platform The Tree

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are two of the most exciting technologies in modern times. They’ve been made possible by technological innovation, laying down a foundation for how we use digital assets today.

Artists are finding new ways to get their work out into the world, and it’s being shown through an innovative platform called NFTs. Creative people have been asking for this type of technology since music went digital so many years ago – now artists can finally show off what they’re made up without having any limitations on distribution or inventory.

Fhatuwani Mukheli is an artist from South Africa who uses traditional and digital mediums in his work.

Mukheli is an artist in the digital space who shares his works on The Tree, a market for South African artists where other people’s art can be sold as NFTs.

He also talked about the metaverse, a virtual reality space that allows people to socialize in an entirely new experience.

“There’s a virtual world where people are buying land in it,” said the artist. “People have properties there, and your art can be on these walls.”

His use of both traditional and digital mediums has allowed Mukheli to provide his clients with an extensive offering. Other artists on The Tree sell up NFTs for each limited edition, which can be compared similarly in value as prints made digitally.

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Since using The Tree, Mukheli’s income has increased by thousands of dollars.

However, since making waves NFTs (non-fungible tokens), blockchains, and digital ledgers have earned criticism for the dangers it poses to our environment.

The Tree is unique in that it runs on Polygon, a blockchain with lower energy requirements and more environmental-friendly features. For every transaction made by The tree users who own coins or tokens to spend online there’s also profit sent off into the wild where it will help plant trees across Sub-Saharan Africa through environmental organization Greenpop.

“It’s not just about art and artists and the story,” said The Tree co-founder Dan Portal. “It’s about making sure that this growth in technology for artists doesn’t come at a cost to the planet.”

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