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Smile Program Provides Access to Affordable Dental Services

Finding the right dentist for you can be a daunting challenge. Various factors come into play, including the service you’re looking for, individual dental professionals’ specialty, price point, location, and many others. A new online service called Smile Program has helped many people properly process all factors to find the right dentist. 

The program exists to help patients who need primary dental treatment find the dentist that best suits their needs and budget. It helps people get dental care through services like checking, cleaning, braces, cavity removal, dentures, implants, teeth whitening, and teeth extraction, among many others. The Smile Program brings together top-rated dentists, convenience on patients and the dental practices, and affordability. 

The program came about through the work and genius of founder Ardi Safi. The program creator founded the Smile Program out of frustration over multiple bad experiences. “I saw the need of having a network of good providers that care about patients,” shares Ardi. “Aside from providing good dental care, communication is key to someone’s dental health. We are raising the standard by having highly-efficient providers in our network.”

Not only is the program free for patients. It also brings them some of the best-discounted rates that have helped many of their users up to forty percent on dental treatment. All dentists who join the program are five-star-rated professionals, ensuring the best quality care with the highest regard for patient safety, experience, and results. 

What sets Smile Program apart is its excellent level of commitment to helping patients save money on dental services. Numbers show that up to 31 percent of adults aged 20 to 44 skip out on dental treatment. Most people delay or even fail to get dental treatment even though it’s urgent because of the lack of finances. The Smile Program has helped people who need treatment most without financial worry. 

The Smile Program’s representatives are highly responsive to patient inquiries. Currently, the response rate stands at five minutes within their nine-to-five operations. This guarantee means that anyone can find their ideal dentist and book a consultation within minutes, saving hours on researching.

The program currently has over 1,600 five-star reviews as more and more happy clients pour in. One client, Georgette, shares, “My experience was awesome, everyone was friendly and made me feel comfortable.” Another client, Sandra, shares, “I loved the dentist you recommended to me they were great. They explained everything in detail to me and didn’t push me or make me feel like I owed them. It made me comfortable.”

While many people today think that high-quality dental care is beyond reach, the Smile Program proves those misconceptions wrong. The program does not put in any hidden fees on any pairing activities. With a mission to make high-quality primary dental health care more accessible and affordable, the Smile Program aims to have a partner dentist in every state before the year 2023. 

To learn more about the Smile Program, visit the official website and Facebook page.

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