Shawn Fair Provides Speakers of All Levels a Platform for Growth and Great Viewership

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Shawn Fair uses his well-established platform to help speakers of all levels realize their dreams of a successful speaking career.

In the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of platforms for speakers, each with its own style and format. These platforms’ popularity is a clear indicator of the shift in people’s value for knowledge in today’s so-called age of information and disruption. People want to experience significant changes in their lives and society. They also know that they need to learn more if they are to initiate or participate in their desired change. These speaker platforms are some of the most creative, simple, and effective ways for the transfer of knowledge and information. Shawn Fair is taking that even further with his Leadership Experience Tour and the soon-to-be-launched Shaw Fair Channel.

Shawn Fair is one of the most successful and respected leaders and management experts in the United States. He is the creator of the Leadership Experience Tour, the number 1 platform in the country that takes speakers of all levels, from aspiring speakers to elite individuals. By sharing his stage with the speakers, Shawn helps them experience great exposure and provides them the opportunity to share their stories. On the Leadership Experience Tour, a live audience of 2,000 to 5,000 people learn from the speakers’ wisdom and best practices so that they can transform their personal and business lives.

Being a leader and entrepreneur, Shaw Fair unsurprisingly continues to explore other avenues to widen his reach. He will launch his new digital TV platform called the Shawn Fair Channel in 2021. Interested viewers can expect to watch or stream the Shawn Fair Channel on Roku, Onstage Plus, ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, and the Apple TV app on iOS and Mac. With this platform, Shawn has effectively widened his reach to over 250 million people. The digital TV stage provides speakers with a level of exposure that they never have experienced or even imagined before.

What sets Shawn’s platform apart is that he goes beyond giving speakers a stage where they can talk or share. Shawn Fair takes care of all his chosen speakers’ needs to make the most of and secure paid speaking opportunities. For instance, speakers receive professional action shots of their presentation on stage. They also get three angles of their video footage, allowing them to choose their best angle for their portfolios. A write-up of the process of how Shawn Fair chose the speakers for his tour will also be available in major publications.

Shawn Fair wants to help talented and insightful speakers establish their speaking businesses better. He uses his success and shares the stage that he built for years to empower other speakers to raise their platform and reach their intended audience. Whether they are beginners trying to jumpstart a speaking career or veterans who continue to struggle with getting paid what they are worth, Shawn Fair welcomes speakers of all levels into a program that guarantees viewership and growth.

Visit his website to learn more.

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