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Senior Tells Inspiring Narrative Through Upcoming Single “Made It Bigger”

Amid the heavily trend-driven music industry, the genuine few still use the craft to tell authentic narratives. Among such creatives is the rising artist Senior, who passionately amplifies his story through his lyrics and captivating tracks.

On October 15, Senior is finally releasing his single called “Made It Bigger,” along with 11 other masterpieces that would complete his album entitled I Feel Better Alone. As an artist inspired by reality, “Made It Bigger” is an avenue for the artist to tell the world what he’s made of. He wants to impact as many people as possible globally, and his current album is merely the beginning of more extraordinary things ahead.

As a firm believer that the most incredible songs can come from the darkest times in one’s life, Senior uses his past struggles and experiences to build himself as an artist. He aims to leave a legacy in the music industry for creating songs that people will find relatable at all times, whether in happy moments or in times of failure. 99.9% of the artists’ lyrics directly reflects where he has been, the scars he attained from his battles, and how he rose from the most challenging trials.

Today, Senior is fulfilling his purpose and more. “Made It Bigger,” as well as his other songs, will truly reach down to the souls of music lovers internationally. The artist took the rollercoaster of emotions, lessons, and experiences from his reality and poured them all into his music. “I believe music is one of the best ways to communicate and to share stories,” said the artist.

The artist first began being passionate about music at the young age of 13. During those times, he was singing with his little brother. Eventually, his brother helped him become successful in the music industry, making sure that he was behind him in every step in his journey. However, it wasn’t until Senior began posting snippets and concept versions of multiple songs on Instagram that he finally decided to pursue music as a career. The encouragement and praise he got from the digital space boosted his confidence and tenacity to become a music icon. 

Furthermore, Senior is also a firm advocate in using music to build and nurture human connections. One of the reasons he creates music is to help people relate to each other as much as they can relate to him. His perspective in life delivered through his profound lyrics has a profound ability to bring people together. The artist loves music, considers it an eternal part of his identity, and proudly shares his passion for inspiring others worldwide.

Senior is satisfied whenever listeners tell him how his music touched their hearts. It gives him the motivation to produce music that conquers cultural and societal boundaries continually. His songs have become a universal language. After every song, his love for music grows deeper. Collaborating with other artists in the industry also motivates him to stay on top of his game.

What’s even more impressive is that Senior managed to create and record his album while simultaneously managing his company TripleOne. This decentralized company aims to gather people from diverse industries and allow them to collaborate. On top of that, the artist also currently manages over 100 employees in his business venture in Canada.

Being an entrepreneur and an artist at the same time truly gives Senior an edge over the rest of the pack in the music industry. Nonetheless, his authentic ability and talent to deliver inspiring narratives through his music will propel him to global audiences and countless opportunities.

Learn more about Senior on his website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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