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Robert Downey Jr. new look draws DC fan-cast


Robert Downey Jr. made headlines when he appeared on the red carpet sporting a striking new look.

The bald appearance of the Iron Man actor at the Academy Governors Awards amazed everyone present.

Meanwhile, the internet reacted quickly, with fans casting Robert Downey Jr. in a new role.

A bold new look

Robert Downey Jr. has embodied Iron Man/Tony Stark for over a decade.

When his shiny scalp appeared at the event, any memory of his legendary Marvel portrayal was instantly erased.

Despite the change in appearance, fans believed Downey Jr. still had what it took to return to the superhero genre.

However, he might be taking a role for rivals of the studio that made him a megastar.

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Another super genius

Not long after Robert Downey Jr. revealed his new look, fans took to social media to share their thoughts.

When it comes to comics, it’s hard to think of many bald characters.

While there’s a slim chance of casting him as Charles Xavier of the X-Men, Downey Jr. has already contributed much to the MCU as another character.

Instead, many have suggested moving into the DC Extended Universe as the villain Lex Luthor.


Robert Downey Jr.’s new bald look prompted fans to cast him as something of an evil version of Tony Stark.

When the suggestions started pouring in, people gave a mixed reception.

One Twitter user wrote:

“[Seeing him play Luthor] would be interesting. I’d love to see him do it.”

“Those scenes with [Captain America when he said] ‘everything special about you came out of a bottle’ shows he can do it.”

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Another user criticized previous Lex Luthor casting, saying:

“I’d rather see that than whatever Lex Luthor live action we got last time. Good God.”

“He’s a good actor people be thinking [sic] Tony Stark but he does something totally different and surprises the **** out of you. Because that’s what actors like him can do.”

Others criticized fans who wanted to cast nearly every bald actor for Lex Luthor.

“Literally nobody is less creative than DC fans casting Lex Luthor,” a user said.

Another was content with the current DCEU choice, writing: “We’re pretty happy with Jesse Eisenberg, thank you.”

“Not a bad call,” someone else wrote. “I still believe Marc Strong is the one and only to play the role.”

Other notes

News outlet ScreenRant claimed that Robert Downey Jr. initially got the part.

However, directors came and went during the development of the Superman film.

A change of direction at DC cast Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor.

It remains to be seen if Robert Downey Jr. will return to the world of superheroes or if he will consider a new chapter with DC.


DC fans want Robert Downey Jr. to play Lex Luthor after debuting new bald look



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