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Red Death debuts as Flash’s primary villain

Red DeathAcross the past twenty years, The CW has produced some of the most popular superhero programs.

While Smallville is undoubtedly the more influential initiator, Arrow has generated a lot of shows situated in the same setting.

Despite the fact that Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have been canceled, The Flash is the final Arrowverse show to air.

The Grant Gustin-led show, on the other hand, is in its last season, and the show has chosen to introduce a new antagonist introduced a few years ago: The Red Death.

Early reference

In the 12th episode of Flash season 5, Memorabilia, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Iris West (Candice Patton) get access to Grace Gibbons’ consciousness (Islie Hirvonen).

They go through the memories of a young Nora Allen-West (Avionne Dean) and wind up at the Flash Museum of the Future.

According to a museum recording, the villain Cicada murdered more people than any of Flash’s enemies, including Zoom and Red Death.

Fans hypothesized that the Batman-like speedster might be the season’s main antagonist, but nothing came of it.

Yet, the previous season elected to move with his appearance.


After long being touted for an appearance as the show’s villain, the show’s poor premiere received a burst of excitement near the end.

The Red Death is the most recent bad guy to strike Central City.

Because it is fueled by the Negative Speedforce and carries a familiar emblem, the Flash family’s next nemesis is likely to be their most devastating yet.

Red Death appeared in the second episode, pledging to make Central City pay for the Flash’s transgressions.

Finally, the identity of the Red Death was revealed in the most recent episode, confirming that Barry’s main antagonist in the last season will be Ryan Wilder/Batwoman (Javicia Leslie).


In 2017 and 2018, DC Comics published a crossover story that featured the miniseries Dark Nights Metal.

The Dark Multiverse’s concept was set by the plot, which was written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO Plascensia.

Dark Nights Metal follows Batman as he discovers the Dark Multiverse beneath the conventional DC cosmos.

In an attempt to thwart a prophecy that sees him as the key to delivering a great evil to Earth, Batman unwittingly opens the way for seven different versions of himself to enter the Dark Multiverse.

Among them is the Red Death, a regenerated Bruce Wayne fused with Barry and the Speedforce.

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Earth-52’s Batman went insane after losing Robins in his never-ending battle against crime.

As the negative earth was on the point of destruction, Batman grabbed weapons from the Rogues and confronted his universe’s Flash, who refused to grant him Speedforce powers.

Batman knocks out the Flash and straps him to the hood of the Batmobile, which is disguised as the Cosmic Treadmill.

Batman drives them both into the Speedforce, combining Flash into his body, destroying his Speedforce link, and transforming Batman into the Red Death.

Dark Knights: Metal

The Red Death is one of the core universe’s seven villainous forms of Batman.

As the Red Death took over Central City, he unleashed a Speed Force Storm that allowed him to speed up the aging of others until they died.

Barry Allen defeated Red Death but was then imprisoned in his Batcave, which was designed to slow him down.

The Red Death later split Batman and Flash as a result of their exposure to positive energy.

Despite the fact that the two Flashes would work together, the Batman Who Laughs warned that Red Death would betray them, implying that the positive energy will murder Flash as well.


In the Flash series, Red Death is revealed to be Ryan Wilder’s Batwoman, who took over after Ruby Rose departed the show.

She appeared in The Flash’s season eight storyline “Armageddon” earlier.

The latest episode of The Flash notably referenced Batwoman as Red Death after some contact with Gotham and Wayne Industries.

Given how violent Red Death was in the comics, her appearance on the show sheds some light on the many heroes that will appear in the last episodes of DC’s speedster.

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