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Pop Cautious Records Rises From the Ashes and Is Stronger Than Ever

With the number of lives it has impacted and the amount of dreams it has brought to life, music proves to be more than a form of entertainment. Time and again, the craft proves to be a cathartic release for those who wish to express their truest and most genuine selves. True enough, independent record label Pop Cautious Records believes that it is every artist’s goal to share a piece of themselves through music. 

Aside from giving musicians the recognition and acclaim they deserve, Pop Cautious Records also serves as the much-needed voice for aspiring artists and dreamers. The company stands as a beacon of excellence and trustworthiness, sending across the message that music is a universal language. True to its vision, it strives to give endless opportunities and possibilities that pave the way for success. 

Since its inception in February of 2015, Pop Cautious Records has been taking pride in its label roster filled with artists who aim to write and share their authentic music. More than anything, these individuals seek to come up with releases and outputs that can resonate with a sincere and honest vibe. In this way, they can fulfill the label’s mission of allowing music to become a vehicle that inspires change. 

Widely acknowledged for being the brilliant mind behind Pop Cautious Records, Tyler Porterfield, more prominently known as Pop Cautious, talked about what inspired him to create his label. In an interview, he shared that the company started as a business project while he was attending class at his college. Soon enough, the artist and producer found himself forming an actual label. 

Hailing from Texas, Pop Cautious brought his organic southern sound and joined his first signed artist’s band as a mandolinist. He helped manage the team and funded the first EP. After playing with the folk group, the artist discovered that the band’s trumpet player had a talent for a solo project. As a result, the idea of starting as an indie-folk label soon expanded to become more of an eclectic-inspired movement as the label signed this neo-soul solo act.

Having frequented LA’s venues, Pop Cautious Records then began to sign new acts and offer new services. It did not take long for the label founder to finally release his debut EP, which gained him his first radio play via BuzzBands.LA’s show on 88.5 KCSN. The artist was then awarded by the Deli Magazine in LA as the “Artist of the Month.” 

Although production was going well for Pop Cautious Records, the pandemic hit and slowed things down. “The pandemic totally changed the way we were about to do things. Projects came to a halt. Music video shoots and shows were canceled. This shift into survival mode prompted the label to have its artist begin doing live streaming for their release shows,” the founder explained. Fortunately, an opportunity in the form of a commission for a peace song from Rotary of Space Center Houston presented itself. “It was able to get us through the pandemic,” Tyler Porterfield said. 

The label has brought awareness to various causes to aid musicians during these difficult times, including the “Save our Stages Act.” Although the label has had to completely restructure to survive, the same mission is in mind,” the label founder reminded.

Proving to be unstoppable at his game, Pop Cautious is wrapping up recording his debut full-length album, Troubadour. Additionally, the music video for “2 Hearts,” starring Erica Manni, was released last month. 

On top of that, Jay Madera was signed to the label earlier this year. Madera sees himself as a musical muckraker, believing in the need for his story to be heard through song. With vulnerable subject matters and exacting lyricism, Madera’s diverse palettes of indie folk and rock prove to be an anchor of self-empowerment in the age of anonymity. The Midwestern songwriter has announced the release of his debut studio album, Anxious Armada, out on March 26 via Pop Cautious Records.

Determined to revolutionize the industry, Pop Cautious Records holds charitable showcases and produces compilation records that bring awareness to specific causes. The label envisions a space where upcoming and established artists can continue to be a vessel of spreading new ideas, prompting progressive changes, and sparking passion. Above anything else, the record label wishes to connect with people so that good music can continue to cultivate and flourish among independent musicians. Learn more about Pop Cautious Records here.

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