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Polaris Innovations Sets the Industry Standard by Introducing Affordable and Organic CBD Solutions

In recent years, the CBD industry has seen massive growth and is expected to expand even more astronomically in the years to come as people place heavier emphasis on their health. Primarily extracted from hemp, cannabidiol has been credited with helping address various physical and mental concerns, emerging as the go-to choice for some of those who suffer from pain and inflammations as well as stress and anxiety. Given the popularity of CBD, it’s not a surprise why demand is at an all-time high and prices are steep. But Polaris Innovations believes that consumers do not have to break their banks to get their hands on effective, high-quality products. Founded to provide affordable and high-quality solutions to a broad customer base, it has risen through the ranks, becoming a trusted authority in the space. 

The brainchild of a passionate and experienced team armed with an in-depth understanding of the steps needed to deliver quality services and products to customers, Polaris Innovations has operated under one primary goal from the get-go: to make CBD products affordable and accessible for everyone. Today, it continues to religiously adhere to the mission that served as the impetus behind its creation. 

Located in Estacada, Oregon, Polaris Innovations wields the power of technological advancements to bring to the table an impressive selection of offerings. By using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, it has managed as well to accomplish what other ventures are still trying to do—support national and international markets. Currently, it is not only meeting the need for organic CBD of health-conscious individuals but also providing processing services for farmers, supporting businesses with bulk CBD extracts, formulations, and packaging solutions, as well as offering its signature products at the retail and wholesale level. 

This industry leader, which boasts the first certified organic product to hit the market, offers multiple lines, from Original Tinctures and Organic Tinctures to THC-Free Organic Tinctures and Topical Emulsion Gels. They come in a variety of flavors and formulations, an important detail that assures any customer that their tastes and needs will be fulfilled. 

Apart from its all-out approach toward bridging the gap between consumers and affordable products, another major factor that allows Polaris Innovations to stand out amid a sea of other companies is its emphasis on promoting a healthier lifestyle. With its eyes set on beyond profit generation, it seeks to offer products that it can genuinely believe in.

“As stewards of the industry, we work hard to bring legitimacy to CBD while increasing its accessibility and quality. In addition, we strive to understand the efficacy of cannabidiol and what it can do to transform lifestyles and promote healthy living,” shared the strategic mind behind this respected venture, CEO Jonathan O’ Toole.

In the years to come, Polaris Innovations is bound to remain at the forefront of the CBD realm. In spearheading such a dynamic field, it promises to stay rooted in the values that have enabled it to soar to incredible heights and continuously up the game.

“The CBD market demands a tremendous level of responsibility, transparency, and integrity—we not only set that standard but consistently try to raise it,” added this powerhouse. 

Learn more about Polaris Innovations by visiting its website.

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