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PiccMee Prizes Giving Free Cash Away for Joining Online Contests

The power of gamification has been all the rave for advertisers as of late. Noticing this emerging rate, a new company called PiccMee Prizes LLC has come to life, bringing the power of interactive experiences with exciting cash prizes to life.

The idea came to the founder, Chase Turnquest, five years ago. The journey of getting the business model right has not been easy for the team. The current program is the fourth beta test, as the first three times almost drove the company to bankruptcy. The company’s most significant hurdle has been trying to overcome stigmas from users that the brand’s offering was nothing but a scam.

Nowadays, there’s a rampant influx of bogus websites that run contests with the promise of cash prizes only to deceive users in the end. The prevalence of such services has been both the most significant hurdle and driving force of the team behind PiccMee Prizes. While the company’s offer seems “too good to be true,” there’s no shadow of a doubt that their promise is legitimate and proven. With thousands of people receiving cash prize amounts ranging from $50 to $500 and a sustainable advertising business model, PiccMee is both trustworthy and fun to use.

Chase shares the many times that he saw scams online that would gain so much traction for a game that no one was ever going to win. This reality is what pushes him to put PiccMee Prizes on the map. Thus the team hashed out a plan to launch bigger games and better prizes, especially in these trying times where COVID-19 has tanked the economy, and people are struggling to find money to make ends meet.

PiccMee has multiple sponsored game shows for participants to join in. Their most popular is a game called #GetOnTheWheel, where players pre-register into a wheel that a game master spins before a virtual live audience. Lucky winners selected by the wheel win prizes of up to $500 right after the show.

Another highly well-liked game by the interactive game company is #CrackThatSafe, where contestants join in cracking the four-digit combination of a real safe. Anyone who guesses the right combination first goes on to win whatever is inside the safe. The prize usually starts with $1,000 inside, which goes up with every episode that the combination goes unguessed.

The third program by PiccMee Prizes is a game called #PrizeLine, where players call the game hotline to win cash live on their stream. Bill Pulte, the Twitter philanthropist who invented Twitter philanthropy, even came on their recent live stream. The last interactive game on the site is #GhostGiveaways, a program where the company gives prizes to random people interacting on their social media platforms. 

Gamification in advertising has grown into one of the most effective strategies in marketing today. Research shows that companies’ conversion rates that boost their brand through games go as high as 700%. PiccMee Prizes LLC takes advantage of this rising trend by providing brands with a more robust marketing channel and their following more chances to win free money. The team behind PiccMee looks to add more game shows to their online programs such as Poker matches and the like. They dream of the day that they can legitimately give away free houses on their game shows.

To follow PiccMee or participate in their online game shows, visit their website, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

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