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Paul Peterson, Founder of Maui Farma CBD, Places an Emphasis on Premium Quality & Environmental Sustainability

To keep up with the demand and serve a customer base that is growing used to having their needs satisfied with only a couple of clicks and swipes, many of today’s industries are forced into mass-producing products and delivering cookie-cutter solutions. The same approach is practiced in the CBD sector, which is not surprising considering the number of people who have realized the value cannabidiol brings to the table. Despite the pressure, Maui Farma has always emphasized quality and environmental sustainability above anything else, even if it means painstakingly adhering to regulations and strictly observing every step involved in growing organic hemp. 

Founded by Paul Peterson, Maui Farma is a trusted provider of all-natural and organic CBD products. Highly passionate about promoting health and fostering wellbeing, it makes a variety of internal and external products that infuses CBD with other herbal remedies, delivering customers with a completely organic, plant-based alternative for relieving stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders. 

Since its launch, Maui Farma has gone all-out in fulfilling its mission to offer the highest quality natural Hawaiian-grown plant-based herbal remedies. “By utilizing certified herbalists, we have been cultivating herbal remedies long before the discovery and general acceptance of CBD,” shared the go-getters at the helm of this widely acclaimed venture.

Paul himself is intimately privy to the wonders of natural remedies. A serial entrepreneur, the Maui resident had dealt with pain and discomfort from serious injuries he received when he was shot multiple times by a home invader in 1983. Apart from these complications, he also had to battle cancer. Soon after his diagnosis in 2015, Paul’s local doctor recommended that he meet with a well-known Maui herbalist who, together with his team, was cultivating and formulating Hawaiian-grown herbal remedies, including indigenous herbs and fruits infused with locally grown CBD. This encounter would herald the start of a shared journey to bring unique and effective CBD formulations to the world. 

Currently, Maui Farma offers organic CBD oil products that capture the healing culture of the Hawaiian islands. Its variety of selections addresses common health concerns, such as sleep difficulties, aching joints, and stress. Additionally, it has something in store for pet owners: the I Love my Dog Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract, which was created to help ease joint discomfort and promote a calm mood. 

Right now, Maui Farma is rising through the ranks and standing out amid a plethora of other CBD providers. Its solid reputation in the industry can be credited not only to its organic products but also to its efforts to make a difference. “We are working to inspire every facet of our industry and community,” shared Paul. “From our regenerative farming practices and biodegradable packaging to our commitment to perpetuating Hawaiian plant culture and donating free herbal remedies to patients in need – we hope to empower the people around us to help create a thriving and abundant future of health and wellbeing for all.”


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