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Now Answer Group: Offering Courses and Building Opportunities for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is complex, and more often than not, business ventures tend to fade in the background when not managed properly. But on the other hand, it can be a lucrative career brimming with innumerable opportunities when done right. Still, no matter the circumstances, the path towards success will always be plagued with challenges, intimidating even the most seasoned business people. 

Cue in Charity Brown, an entrepreneur in her own rights, she has come a long way after decades of experience running numerous personal and professional ventures that include accounting, consulting, bar and restaurant management, e-commerce, real estate, and several non-profit ones, eventually honing her skills in the field. Now, the flourishing businesswoman is utilizing years of unparalleled expertise to arm and equip CEOs or “Chief Everything Officers” with high-tech media and financial tools to help them increase sales and profit margins.

As a business coach, Charity pushes her clients to think outside the box and broaden their ambitions. Furthermore, she believes that having someone who has been down the same path before is crucial, especially when it comes to pointing out the flaws and the things that need to be improved. True enough, coaches and mentors can always assist in developing management and leadership skills, assist in piloting difficult company challenges and judgments, and set the stage for necessary solutions to weather some of the inevitable management fiascos that lie ahead.

As she spearheads the NOW Answer Group, Charity is continuously aiding numerous business owners to make a name for themselves while establishing their authority in the enterprise they are in sans the unnecessary hassle. But of course, her triumph in the field would not be entirely possible without her extensive educational and entrepreneurial background. With a triple degree in Business, Accounting, and New Media from the Oregon State University and over twenty-five years of diverse experience in the business industry, it is no wonder that her business coaching venture is nothing short of successful. As a result, Kevin Harrington has endorsed her, an American entrepreneur and business executive, best known for being a panel member in the hit television series Shark Tank.

The NOW Answer Group is currently introducing two courses that will guide business owners and keep them on target. One of the courses is The Happy CEO- Advanced Tools for Business Owners Making 6 & 7 Figures, an eight-week immersion to become an accomplished entrepreneur while continually being perceptive of numbers and scaling their brand. Moreover, takers of the course will have an advanced level of training in all business areas. The second course is the 5 Star Business Accelerator, a program that introduces five transformational tools to help build, scale, and transform any business, also referred to as the ultimate entrepreneurial toolbox to annihilate the competition anytime.

Charity hopes to expand her brand and continue helping a diverse band of entrepreneurs and business owners by streamlining their financial and media operations in the coming years. She’s also keen on launching a seven-figure eLearning hybrid global consulting and coaching business that offers retreats, live events, and the best mindset and business tools available on the market.

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