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Nour Atta and His Company Stock Hours Showing the Possibilities of Making a Career Out of Stock Trading

Financial freedom and independence have birthed many income-making opportunities, and the world’s attention has gradually shifted to those opportunities today. Stock trading has existed for decades, but many people worldwide have always seen it as a sacred space reserved for only rich people and finance majors. However, Nour Atta, through his company, Stock Hours, has demystified the stock trading business and is creating a new generation of millionaire stock traders.

Nour Atta has earned a solid reputation as an options trader with an 85% win/loss ratio. He also runs a signals chat with his students which made profits of more than $8 million in 2020 alone. Nour’s journey into trading began when he was 16 years old, and he got the opportunity to intern for on Wall Street. Although he started doing clerical work, he got obsessed with trading and discovered the limitless potential of a trading career. “That was the defining moment for me,” Nour said.

Stock Hours has made dozens of regular beginner traders into 6-figure income traders who can now show you 4 figure days any day of the week. The company’s signals chat posts trade ideas every morning and signals entries live via voice. Nour Atta also hosts lessons three to five times a week to teach his students the latest trends in the stock trading business. Stock Hours is a perfect tool for anyone with interest in stock trading or the finance world in general.

Nour Atta has built a structured system with qualified individuals readily available to help any new student who joins the Stock Hours signals chat room. “We are different because we believe we are all here for the same purpose of helping each other grow. My team is the best in the business and are all here to help my students succeed,” Nour explained. He established Stock Hours initially to be a community where his friends could learn how to trade. After a while, his friends introduced their friends, and the circle kept expanding till it became a community of over a thousand students.

In the next five years, Nour Atta sees Stock Hours growing beyond just a community of traders into a full-fledged hedge fund run by traders who rose through Stock Hours’ ranks. “In the meantime, I want to continue to empower retail traders through education so they too can have a genuine chance in beating this market,” Nour said. Nour Atta has had quite the journey. From a NJ regular kid to a millionaire stock trader. He wants as many people as possible to know his story and have a clear picture of how far he has come. “I’d like for them to know that trading is a career path that’s accessible to anyone, and with the right education, anyone can make it as a trader,” he affirmed.

Learn more about Nour Atta’s work at Stock Hours on their official Instagram or follow him on his personal Instagram page.

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