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Niro Gotti Drops Successful New Project “L.L.R” and Why It Has Become a Massive Hit

Niro Gotti, the young artist out of Portland, Oregon is back with another full-length project to start the Spring. The 14-song pop project titled “L.L.R” is a deep dive into the inner workings of love, loss, and life. Coming off a massive release of his hit video for “Snakes” featuring QC’s very own 24 Heavy. This project couldn’t come at a better time for the young star. Having amassed over 90k views already on the “Snakes” video, he is only just now getting started.

Starting off the project with “Moment of Truth” a 15-second conversation, quickly transitioning into the title track “L.L.R,” where Niro instantly immerses the listener with his smooth melodic tones paired with a very vibrant guitar lick. We know now that he has the recipe to make hit songs. Consciously taking a large step into the pop arena with the release of this project, fans are eager to hear more of this style of music from the Portland star.

2021 is set to be a big year for Niro Gotti. With the quick success he saw back in 2020 with his debut project “Niro Nowitzki” and follow-up tape “Mamba Gotti,” he has maintained momentum and quickly rose to fame in his hometown of Portland. A city that is not well known for its pop or hip-hop music, Niro is beginning to change the way people view the local music scene. Growing up in the heart of Northeast, Portland, where the modern music scene emerged, has given Niro an advantage in the space. Already having support from the few major label artists in his city and garnering respect for his independent hustle, he is en route to major success in music.

“L.L.R” is a deep dive into the inner workings and creative consciousness of Niro himself, conveying his message and releasing it to the world to hear. If you are a fan of catchy pop music with a hip-hop twist, Niro Gotti is a must-listen. His versatility along with his lyrical ability make him stand out among the competition. If you are looking for new music to add to your Springtime playlist, go give “L.L.R” by Niro Gotti a listen and follow him on social media to keep up with all things Niro.

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