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Niro Gotti Bringing Pride to Portland Music Scene with His Rise to Fame

The local music industries across the United States are always rich with talent and promise. Yet it’s surprising that it’s been years since Portland, Oregon, has produced a national musical treasure. That predicament will change soon as breakthrough artist Niro Gotti continues to climb up the ladder of entertainment success and solidify his brand across the national and even global music ecosystem. 

A native of Rip City, Niro Gotti has recently caught the eye of music critics and fans everywhere. Today, the artist hopes to bring pride to his hometown as he sets off to become the next hit to come out of Portland since Adam Aminé Daniel smashed through billboard charts several years back. Niro has both the charisma and talent needed to rise the ranks. He has a vibrant tune and a colorful personality. Today, he’s positioning to become a sensation all across the two coasts and every region in between. 

Amid the brutal year 2020, Niro Gotti worked hard to release multiple tracks and drop them all over digital channels and platforms. He made headlines after the release of his EP album, Mamba Gotti EP, which also featured other high-caliber rap artists like Tyus and Wizkid. The album featured songs like “Global,” “Luv,” “Freestyle,” “Bite Down,” “Keep It,” and “Down and Out.” The record also included the hit track “Good Guy,” which now has a music video under the production giant EZ Money Records. In a few months, the feature MV has already reached 30,000 streams and counting.

Niro Gotti also grew his following and fame exponentially after the release of his other hit song, “Intro.” The rap artist’s songs feature a flavorful and smooth theme that merges the rhythmic flow of R&B and ballad music with the popping liveliness of up-tempo hip-hop. The year 2020 was a phenomenal year of music for Niro Gotti, but the artist maintains that 2021 will be even better. He’s currently working on new material that will take the reflections and learnings from last year’s success and capitalize on what works. 

What makes Niro Gotti a spectacular artist is his consistency. All of the artist’s content receives the same amount of work, dedication, and quality control, making every release by the rising artist a wonder on its own. Niro’s music is also timely and relevant, packed with the ability to connect with any audience. Niro is also extremely hard-working, never resting nor stopping to take a breather, and always in content creation mode. He hopes to build a substantial library of premier-quality music that people all over the country will listen to and dance to at homes, clubs, bars, and events. 

As stellar as the last six months have been for Niro, his momentum is pretty much still on an uptrend. And the artist is not taking anything for granted. As 2021 rolls further in, Niro Gotti will be releasing more material on various streaming platforms and YouTube. By capitalizing on his rise to fame, he hopes to bring Portland’s whole city with him and lift the local music industry as he continues to rise to artistic prominence. 

Visit Niro Gotti’s Spotify and Instagram to stay tuned on his progress.



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