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NHTSA Declined GM’s Request, Demanding Repair on 725,000 Vehicles’ Headlight Glare

Photo: Reuters

General Motors Co’s request to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to exempt 725,000 US sport-utility vehicles from having their headlight glare issues fixed has been denied.

The electric vehicle manufacturer would not have been obliged to give notice to consumers on the issue and offer a free fix if the agency had granted to pronounce the issue inconsequential. 

The Detroit car manufacturer insisted the problem did not affect vehicle safety and appealed to NHTSA in 2019 to pronounce the problem inconsequential for GMC Terrain vehicles from the 2010 through 2017 model years. Moreover, GM has announced that they have resolved the issue with their latest variation vehicles.

NHTSA said that the headlight issue could result in “glare to other motorists driving in proximity” in specific weather conditions like snow and fog. 

GM said Friday it was well informed of the agency’s verdict and “will review NHTSA’s decision and explore potential next steps.” 

The carmaker also sent a message to NHTSA and said that it was well informed of “only a single customer inquiry associated with this condition and is not aware of any crashes or injuries.”



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