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NFTs Could Make Bigger Impact on Ticketing for Sporting Events

NFTs could be integrated into sporting tickets sooner than expected
NFTs could be integrated into sporting tickets sooner than expected

The memorable Champions League final three weeks ago did not just make headlines for Real Madrid’s victory over Liverpool; it also caught the attention of French authorities after fake tickets and gatecrashers delayed the event.

The French government was so taken aback by the Paris incident that they considered adopting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for ticketing at sports events.

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When the police tried to restore order at this year’s European final, they ended up causing more chaos than ever before. They sprayed tear gas and it resulted in a delay that embarrassed authorities even more.

Since the incident, the country has made plans to integrate NFT tickets for the 2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Paris Olympics.

Last week, the French Government Olympics envoy Michael Cadot submitted a report to the government recommending steps in order to prevent any future sporting events from occurring. The recommendations include using NFT ticketing and universal access for attendees.

The implementation of a new ticketing system ahead of the rugby event and Olympics would ensure that “prefigure planned systems,” said Cadot in his report. He also broke down how this might be possible by discussing difficulties faced with multi-factor management as well as working methods already established at events like these before they happen.

The French government is working on a new ticketing system that will use blockchain and QR codes. The tickets would be distributed via SMS before an event, activated in the security zone around it, and not transferable anywhere else.

ticketing with NFTs is a great way to prevent scalping and counterfeiting, which will increase security at events as well earn sponsors more money. 

NFTs have the potential to provide all sorts of other benefits like VIP areas and receipts for souvenirs.

NFTs are one of the newest components being used in the sporting world. They’ve been around since 2020, but only recently have they grown into popular culture with avid fans and companies that specialize on using these types of tokens as collectibles or even voting opportunities through blockchain technology.

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