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Netflix Gains Momentum with the Return of Stranger Things

Stranger Things returns to give Netflix more ground
Photo: Netflix

Six years ago, Netflix had established itself as a leader in the streaming service space when it released Stranger Things. The show became one of its staple titles and gave hope to other creators for their projects. Since then, things have changed drastically.

The streaming service platform had cost $8 in 2016, but now it tripled its price. The move caused a heavy uproar from subscribers, prompting hundreds of thousands to leave. 2 million more are projected to follow amid the declining stock value after a fall of more than 25%. In addition, there have been talks of an advert-fuelled cheaper version of the service, something that Netflix once said it would never do.

Amid the ongoing problems, critically acclaimed Netflix-produced shows like Archive 81 and The Baby-Sitters Club received the chop before they had the chance to gain serious momentum, following the footsteps of shows like GLOW, Sense8, and Daredevil, to name a few. Additionally, the streaming platform’s rivals (Disney+, Amazon, and HBO, among others) are set to tip the scales with titles like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ms. Marvel, The Lord of the Rings, and Westworld are set to launch in the coming months.

While it had other ongoing shows, Netflix lost Ozark when the show concluded its fourth and final season. Nevertheless, it had been one of the services’ guiding lights. Fortunately, Millie Bobby Brown and her friends from the town of Hawkins are set to return with Stranger Things Season 4 hitting the screens once more.

The show’s third season became Netflix’s most-viewed show of all time in October 2019, when it generated more than 64 million views in its first four weeks and later more than 582 million—since then, the first and second season of Bridgerton managed to snatch the crown. However, Stranger Things’ latest installment seems to be back to reclaim its crown.

The fourth season will take its characters six months after the events of the last one with a more star-studded cast and introduce some new characters who will be playing important roles this time around. The return of Stranger Things gives the higher-ups of Netflix room to breathe amid some difficult times.

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