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More Hints Point Toward the Development of Apple’s AR Headset

Tim Cook's comments fuel AR headset rumors
Tim Cook's comments fuel AR headset rumors

In a world where everything is becoming more and more virtual. However it’s only logical that Apple would be preparing for the inevitable. 

The metaverse has been all the rage lately with companies like Facebook investing heavily into this. However new technology which will elevate social interaction online.

It’s no secret that Apple has been working on developing the next generation of augmented reality technology for years now. 

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CEO Tim Cook even hinted at their future involvement in this space for some time. However giving people hope and expectation about what they will be able to do with these advancements when released.

Apple is all about the future, and they have a lot in store for it. At their Worldwide Developers Conference recently, Tim Cook spoke with China Daily where he teased some AR tech.

It seems like Cook has been hinting at the development of a new AR/VR headset for some time now. However but lately his hints have become more frequent. Thus people are beginning to believe that this could lead to something big.

“I am incredibly stir about AR, as you might know, and the critical thing to any technology. However including AR, is putting humanity at the center of it,” speak the Apple CEO. “And that is what we focus on every day. Right now, as an example, we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store, which provide AR experiences for millions of people around the world.”

“I think despite that, we’re still in the very early innings of how this technology will evolve,” Cook added. “I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we’ve seen in this space and sort of stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer.”

There have long been rumors that Apple is working on an augmented reality or virtual reality headset. So while they haven’t confirmed it, fans are hoping this could be the next big thing.

The headset is speculate to offer mixed reality technology with a curved visor that fits the face.

The new Apple headset is said to be the most advance in history. It will feature two 4K micro-OLED displays, 15 camera modules with processors similar or equal to the M-series chips. The device also has eye tracking capabilities, hand gesture support, and spatial audio.

Next year, Apple is expect to release the headset as demos are being conveyout to board members, signaling that it may be close for completion.

Speculations are high that the headset will be priced at $3,000 once it’s launched.

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