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Monytize Emerges as a Trailblazing App as It Transforms Social Media

The rise of social media platforms has paved the way for numerous developments in the world of entertainment, business, content creation, and many more. In fact, advancements in the digital realm have allowed people from all walks of life to come together and move toward fulfilling their respective goals. One app that has been creating significant waves is Monytize, a platform aiming to elevate the social media landscape. 

In an effort to transform social media users into social media monetizers, Monytize has been changing the way online retailers transact and manage their respective businesses as it capitalizes on the lucrative entertainment industry. Heavily determined to cater to the ever-dynamic needs of the market, this revolutionary app came out as the world’s first philanthropic social media platform. Armed with its well-meaning cause, brand, goal, and mission, this game-changing app has made a long-lasting impact on the world. 

Last September 1, 2022, Monytize started its official global BETA launch, paving the way for international influencers, celebrities, churches, universities, charities, schools, brands, and professional athletes. With the app’s creation, go-getters all over the world are given the opportunity to see social media in a different light and use it to advance their advocacies. 

At the heart of Monytize is the recognition that users should be able to do more than just socialize, network, and share content like photos, videos, music, and movies online. For this reason, developers made sure that everyone gets paid whenever the content is purchased, allowing users to earn passive income. More importantly, the app is giving away 20% of its earnings to charities, schools, hospitals, churches, and other worldwide nonprofit organizations.

While most platforms are only keen on giving all of their profits to the developers, Monytize sets itself apart by ensuring that its users can generate revenue as well. Aside from that, members of the app are also able to give back to their respective communities and use some of their earnings to fight for causes they are truly passionate about. This philanthropic approach to social media provides user satisfaction because it shifts the focus from entertainment-spending objectives to advocacy-driven initiatives. 

On a mission to reach out to as many individuals as possible, Monytize has partnered with Social Wireless, a company in South Africa that offers free internet services in Johannesburg. By partnering together, these two entities are able to provide social media, movies, music, and games that can generate passive income for South Africans, including those who are not members of the app. 

Much of Monytize’s success can be attributed to its founder and CEO, Terrell Samuels. The Napoleon Hill Foundation recognizes him as the executive producer of Millionaire Awaken Your Secret. On the other hand, he is known in the medical industry as an important part of the marketing efforts in putting together a surgery center, medical spa, and cancer treatment center with other medical professionals. The visionary leader has been using his expertise in the entertainment and medical fields to take the app to the forefront of the industry.

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