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Monytize.com: Transforming Social Media into a Charitable Platform

Image Internally Provided
Image Internally Provided

Monytize.com is changing the way people perceive social media. Like other platforms, Monytize allows users to socialize, network, and share their photos and videos online. It also offers music, movies, video games, and ebooks. What sets it apart from other sites and apps in the digital space is that it pays everyone to be social.

Beyond entertainment, Monytize.com is redefining what online platforms should be. Users spend over $400 billion on music, movies, and video games each year. The profit all goes back to the developers. On the other hand, aside from allowing users to earn passive income, the game-changing platform is donating 20% of its earnings to charities, schools, hospitals, churches, and other nonprofit organizations.

Because of Monytize.com’s philanthropic approach to social media, users get satisfaction knowing that their form and avenue for entertainment are helping worthy causes; they are essential in achieving a bigger picture. It presents a wholesome perception for the entertainment industry and enhances it as a tool for creating a positive legacy. 

It’s truly a platform where users can give to others while earning passive income for themselves. While joining the platform is free of cost, the returns for signing up are life-changing. Monytize users receive a Visa debit card where their monthly streamed income gets transferred. Launched amid the pandemic, Monytize.com is helping thousands across the country and abroad to stay financially afloat. 

Monytize.com is continually adding to its available content to offer the same variety as its competitors like iTunes, Redbox, Netflix, and Spotify. But while such platforms require monthly subscriptions, Monytize separates itself by being the first to redistribute wealth back to the community.

Founded by the notorious entrepreneur Terrell Samuels, Monytize.com will genuinely succeed in the industry. After 12 years of thorough conceptualization and planning, Terrell launched Monytize to leave a lasting legacy. The CEO is not a novice when it comes to the entertainment industry. He is recognized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation as the executive producer of Millionaire Awaken Your Secret. The documentary movie is baked in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

On top of producing movies, Terrell had previously carried the role of vice president of business development with Inseason Talent. This company handles over 100 celebrities. Additionally, Terrell also took pivotal roles in Creanspeak Production, the production house that created some of the biggest hits such as Black Irish, Once Was Lost, and Prey for Rock and Roll.

Terell is also known in the medical industry as an instrumental part of the marketing efforts to put together a surgery center, medical spa, and cancer treatment center with other medical professionals. Taking his expertise in the entertainment industry and the medical field, the entrepreneur then built The Marketing Doctor (The MD). Today, he is using his years of experience to propel Monytize.com to greater heights. 

Asked what motivated him to build Monytize.com, Terrell said: “So that every person has an opportunity to be the change they want to be in their home communities as well as the world.” The platform empowers its users in a way that other sites do not provide and has ultimately induced a charitable twist into the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry. 

To learn more about Monytize.com, visit their website or email invite@monytize.com.



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