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Milwaukee Shooting: Police Chase Accused Killer to Dead End

It’s now been confirmed that both the suspect and officer in the Milwaukee shooting have died as a result of their injuries, just hours after the shooting took place. The official reports coming out to state that the suspect attacked his ex-girlfriend when she dropped off their son at his home, reportedly slashing her with a knife and beating her to death. He then broke free from police when they tried to arrest him and fled into the woods, where they found him hiding in a closet several hours later.

What Happened at the Milwaukee shooting

On the morning of September 4th, a shooting incident took place in Milwaukee. Police officers responded to reports of gunshots and began searching for the shooter. Within 30 minutes, they located the alleged suspect. The police pursued him and an 18-minute car chase ensued before he drove into a dead-end alley near 34th Street and Capitol Drive. The suspect exited his vehicle, refusing to put his hands up, so four officers shot him in response. The man died on the scene with wounds that are believed to be caused by gunshot wounds from the chasing police officers. A full investigation is currently underway to understand what exactly happened. 

Milwaukee shootings frequently occur as part of the gun violence epidemic in American cities such as Milwaukee. This year alone, there have been 15 fatal shootings and over 100 nonfatal ones reported within Milwaukee alone. Although most people associate gun violence with crimes related to illegal drugs or gangs, many offenders do not have past records related to violent crime or drug dealing.

The situation has been changing due to new laws enacted recently concerning guns – Second Paragraph: The Wisconsin state legislature passed several laws aiming at increasing public safety after mass shootings at workplaces including Aurora movie theater and Oak Creek Sikh temple occurred between 2012 and 2013.

The Manhunt

Soon after the Milwaukee shooting, Milwaukee police spotted the suspected killer in a vehicle. A chase ensued and the suspect crashed into a dead end, where he was shot and killed by a SWAT team member. According to NBC news affiliate WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee, it has been reported that Sylville Smith was armed when he was killed by police. No one else was harmed during the incident. One officer is being treated for an injury sustained in the altercation with Smith. 

It’s unclear if Milwaukee residents were alarmed about this Milwaukee shooting because the shooting happened on Saturday night around 10 p.m., which means people may have already gone to bed at that time or tuned out from the news over time. But according to Milwaukee’s FOX 6 News, Smith’s sister Sherelle claims she heard shots ring out. And got up immediately running towards her brother. Sherelle said her brother died right there on the spot. The family of the man who was killed in the Milwaukee shooting reacted strongly to what happened during a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

The Arrest

A Milwaukee shooting killed one man and injured another at a tavern on Saturday. After the shooting, the suspected killer fled in a vehicle pursued by law enforcement agencies, officials said. The pursuit ended when the car crashed into an embankment near Saukville. The driver was dead at the scene. His identity has not been released pending notification of next of kin. Milwaukee police confirmed that there was no exchange of gunfire during the pursuit. A weapon has not been recovered from the suspect’s vehicle or his person. But he is believed to have shot both victims inside the tavern. Before fleeing in his car and crashing downriver from Saukville.

Milwaukee Shooting

Out of the many suspicious Milwaukee shootings this year. The shooting at the Wisconsin State Fair has really caused the entire nation to take note. When police officers approached the man, identified as Sylville K. Smith, for possibly carrying a weapon at the fairgrounds, a struggle ensued that ended in one of the officers’ deaths. The man then fled on foot and was shot and killed by two other officers.

Local Officials React

The Milwaukee shooting, which claimed the lives of two civilians and one police officer, created a media firestorm. The 24-year-old man responsible for the shootings was shot dead by police. In an exchange of gunfire near the end of a lengthy chase. Less than twelve hours after the shooting. Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele announced. City residents can expect an increased presence of law enforcement around public buildings throughout the holiday season. Milwaukee’s Fire and Police Commission will release more information on these precautions as they become available. We should be mindful that such acts of violence have no place in our society.

The investigation into the Milwaukee shooting is ongoing. Officers are working to interview witnesses and suspects to get more information on the incident. According to Mayor Barrett, they are doing everything they can to ensure. The police department responds quickly and appropriately to any situation where there is a shooting.

Witnesses Speak Out

I thought he was just firing shots in the air at first, Milwaukee shooting witness Christopher Nnanna told WTMJ. That’s when I knew it was for real and started looking for a place to hide. Nnanna then saw police officers chasing Mr. Smith, with their guns drawn. The group continued on past him before one of the officers reached his car. He turned around and then opened fire at Mr. Smith and his accomplice – killing them both before they could get away. It’s hard not knowing who they were going after. Nnanna said, and whether or not they had been going after me. Witnesses say that police are now checking nearby homes for any suspects that may have fled the scene with weapons.

Police said one of the Milwaukee shooting deaths occurred inside the tavern in a struggle with a security officer who was also shot. The second victim was shot in his car, and the third was shot on the street, police said. The police officer who was killed was a 9-year veteran of the department. A second officer was wounded and is hospitalized. The shooting in Milwaukee resulted in one police officer dead, several civilians wounded, another officer injured and one civilian killed.

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