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Meet Daniel Massimino, the Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Helping People Resolve Financial Entanglements

Daniel Massimino is a native Pittsburgher and founder of his company, Credit Connection. When starting Credit Connection, he had one major goal in mind, and that was to help other people like himself beat their financial woes.

It’s no secret that millions of Americans struggle with debt.  According to cardrates.com, the latest Q1 data for 2020 shows that Americans have a total upwards of $900 billion in credit card debt. That is an alarming statistic, and it would make sense why finances are the number one stressor in our economy and among families.

Dan understands firsthand the impacts of carrying a heavy debt load. He remembers the anxiety that would keep him up at night while coming up with ideas on how to pay the debt down. Dan was a successful business owner, but even success comes with a price tag. The debt he carried against his income generated at the time left him with no choice but to file bankruptcy. Dan realized there are others who needed affirmation that bankruptcy is not the end of the story, and his desire to help others mixed with his passion for overhauling finances helped create Credit Connection.

Today Dan has a happier story to tell now that he has found his success with Credit Connection. He has helped thousands of clients overcome their financial burdens through listening, educating, and creating an effective roadmap to walk every client through the path of financial freedom.

Daniel Massimino and his team at Credit Connection are ready to help anyone  looking for better options to knock out their financial woes. To find out more about Credit Connection, visit their website.

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