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Matthew Bonnafoux Overcomes Obstacles and Achieves Success in Business

Successful entrepreneurs have various motivations when they set out to establish their ventures. People are motivated by a remarkable idea, the potential of building one’s wealth, helping people, empowering communities, making a positive long-term impact, or making life better for others. For rising entrepreneur Matthew Bonnafoux, however, he was motivated by many challenges in his life, the biggest one being his illness.

The 22-year-old stock trader and entrepreneur started developing his own businesses as a teenager. While he is enjoying success today, he was not spared from going through several challenges that pushed him to his limits. He understood, on the other hand, that looking at those problems from the right perspective made a big difference. And so, he chose to see the good that could come out of those problems rather than focus on the bad. Matthew Bonnafoux owns Elite Luxury Design, a luxury home renovation and remodeling company currently based in New Mexico. 

“I’ve been through a lot more. I would like to disclose that I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. It was life-changing, and instead of feeling down, I decided to make the most of my life and make a difference. I realized that anything is possible, and with enough hard work and determination, we can accomplish anything. I want to help others and leave an impact, have a legacy. Elite Luxury Design is just the first of many businesses,” Matthew Bonnafoux reveals. 

Elite Luxury Design was able to make more than 150k dollars in its first three months of operations with the help of a hardworking and highly motivated team. At present, it is valued at $2.41 million and is being positioned to expand in other key cities in the country. At the rate that it is going, it has the potential to become an industry leader in just a couple of years. With Matthew Bonnafoux holding the reins, the company will undoubtedly attract more clients through his innovative ideas. 

The company’s core competency is its irreplaceable and very valuable manpower, who consistently follow high moral and operational standards such as honesty, integrity, teamwork, communication, high-quality output, and a customer-oriented approach to doing the business. For Matthew Bonnafoux, they only use high-quality materials to ensure that clients get only the best results and value for their money. One of their main objectives is to maintain its excellent services as they are considered the Mercedes Benz or BMW of the home renovation sector. 

In the long run, Matthew Bonnafoux sees Elite Luxury Design going beyond its current region and making an impact on numerous clients nationwide. He looks forward to helping clients achieve their luxurious dream homes. Moreover, Matthew wants to continue to provide jobs to hardworking individuals, build communities that are a safe haven for families, help charitable institutions, and become a forerunner in the construction and design industries. By keeping their company values intact, Matthew believes that Elite Luxury Design will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. 

As an entrepreneur, in the next couple of years, Matthew Bonnafoux hopes to become a much-improved version of his present self. He believes that life is all about experiencing growth and a constant journey toward self-transformation. As he embraces these changes with an open mind, he aspires to become a better leader and impact more lives than he did in the past.  

Learn more about Matthew Bonnafoux by following his Instagram account. Visit Elite Luxury Design’s website to find out more about its services.

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