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Mark Daniels Turns His Greatest Tragedies into tools to help others

The success story of Mark Daniels is unconventional in that it doesn’t appear like one at first glance. “Most people would likely say I spent most of my life as a failure,” shares Mark. “They’re not wrong.” And yet even in his past failures, Mark’s  story has inspired many people to bounce back from failure and persevere in life. 

Mark owns and operates Mark’s Inspirational Wisdom, a guidance service brand that helps people overcome the guilt of failure and a broken past and become an overcomer in life. His guidance  helps people build physical, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical fortitude. 

Mark Daniels has experienced every imaginable failure throughout his life: a few failed businesses, broken marriages, addiction, substance abuse, and many others. Yet even with all the hardships and mistakes, he always found a way to bounce back. Mark has been married four times. He has eight children, six of them being under his sole care for the past 9 years. Mark spent sixteen years of his life in reckless abandon, jumping from one relationship to another and succumbing to drug and alcohol addiction. But in the last twenty-eight years, Mark has turned his life around and become a masculine role model for his children and guided countless others to a full and richer life.

Today, Mark helps people face their most daunting challenges with his wide range of life experiences by providing them with inspiration and wisdom. He provides virtual one-on-one guidance through email and phone calls and has consequently helped many people get through their most challenging seasons. 

“My life has been very much adventurous with many different situations,” shares Mark Daniels. “Those experiences allow me to view things from a different perspective.” Mark has not had it easy, but he has proved that he has what it takes to come out stronger with every knockdown. Now, he hopes to help others become as resilient.

Early on in life, Mark became dependent on alcohol and drugs. He lived a nomadic lifestyle, skipping from one town to another on his Harley Davidson like Wyatt and Billy from “Easy Rider.” He had countless relationships and one-night stands with women and often got into brawls with others. After an epiphany, he tried to settle down. He got married, but that chapter would only turn sour as Mark would end up in more substance abuse and infidelity. 

Later in his life, Mark would find success in amateur and professional boxing.  The training and competing would help Mark Daniels get clean and end his Casablanca lifestyle. Yet even in triumph, he felt emptiness. It was at that point that Mark admitted that he needed help. He would turn to books and gurus, working with them for years to help Mark through a path of self-discovery. With time, Mark started to find more of himself and gain a deeper appreciation of how far he had come. He realized that his story would become a tool for him to help others.  

Today, through Mark’s Inspirational Wisdom, the overcomer has found his life’s purpose in helping others win in life. “Like me, you’ve still got a chance to write a better ending, one moment, one day, one decision at a time,” shares Mark Daniels. “I’d like to help other people do that.” Through his consultation, he hopes to build people up and guide them through their lives’ stormiest days. With his experiences and success  he teaches people a way to self-discovery by sharing how other people can avoid the failure he experienced and achieve the triumph he now lives in.To learn more about Mark Daniels and to get his help personally you can visit his Instagram page, @marksinspiration, where you will find the link to his free YouTube videos and contact information.

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