Marcus A. Wright Banks on Decades of Experience as an Emotional Intelligence Coach in Propelling Leaders to Success

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Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only has the outbreak impacted the economic, social, and political scene in debilitating ways, it has also affected individuals on such a personal level to the extent that countless have found themselves unable to deal with it. In particular, the workforce has transformed over the past few months, with traditional set-ups shifting toward WFH schemes and online work. On a mission to help employers and employees adapt to these changes, Marcus A. Wright has emerged as a go-to resource.

Taking on the current situation by wielding the power of emotional intelligence in helping people handle challenges, Marcus A. Wright is capitalizing on his extensive experience and expertise as a professional. He has been conducting personality, emotional intelligence, and NLP training for ten years and has been a staple in the people business for over 25 years. 

Driven to help others realize their potential and build successful teams and businesses through leadership training and teambuilding, Marcus A. Wright goes all out in his every effort. As a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach as well as a John Maxwell Team Coach, he emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, relationships, vision, and values in the pursuit of success. 

Marcus A. Wright is known for his meticulous and outstanding approach to observing clients in action and interviewing them to understand the challenges they are facing personally and professionally. All of these are conducted to establish the best plan for resolution. 

Believing that generalized solutions do more harm than good, Marcus A. Wright also ensures that his proposed solutions fit the problems specific to every individual. Additionally, he goes the extra mile to establish his professional relationships with clients as a safe space where they do not have to feel alone with their struggles. 

With more than 25 years of consulting management, this esteemed personality has worked with everyone, from managers and C-Level employees to Fortune 500 companies and small ventures. He manages to turn every leadership seminar into an insight-rich avenue and a growth-facilitating platform because of his focus on imparting principles and inspirational stories.

Distinctive to Marcus’s style is the premium he puts on communication. According to this highly successful coach and certified behavioral consultant, “Communication is the key ingredient to human connection and the building block in developing great leaders.”

This Chicago-based mentor takes pride in having worked alongside leaders from numerous nations and cultures. He has been exposed to various mindsets and this intimate familiarity with how different minds work serves as one of the bases of his capacity to help thousands of leaders comprehend and embody the language of leadership. 

Marcus A. Wright shows no sign of slowing down even after years of acing the game. To enable the growth of thousands more, he aims to establish his own brand and broaden his reach. The establishment of this venture is also in the hopes of training leaders across continents.

In any of his future endeavors, Marcus A. Wright is committed to encouraging and equipping people to handle any difficult life circumstances that may come their way. 

Learn more about Marcus A. Wright by visiting his website

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