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Local News Mag Teams Up With Portland News to Bring Credibility-Driven Content to the Public

Countless have changed in the media industry and the world of news and information. The advent of technology and the rise of social media, in particular, has heralded the transformation of these fields, affecting the way people create, disseminate, and consume content. However, amid their evolution, some of the core values that allow these industries to operate effectively must remain, a prerogative broken by numerous individuals and institutions in their bid for fame.

Today, it is common to hear of companies that have bribed publications to push them toward the limelight and of celebrities who have to bribe their way out of negative press. As a result, consumers are now, more than ever, easy to distrust and question the integrity of the establishments they come in close contact with. Local News Mag, a media company dedicated to collaborating with local publications to publish listicles and featured articles, hopes to bring back the practice’s focus on authenticity and credibility.

At the heart of Local News Mag is the goal to feature the best local restaurants, cleaning companies, jewelry shops, and other top-notch enterprises. Its entire business model revolves around guiding the general public on which brands to trust, maneuvering them away from those that cannot deliver on their promise of quality products and services.

From the get-go, Local News Mag has directed its efforts toward highlighting those that deserve the spotlight — businesses that have managed to stand out among a plethora of competitors because of their dedication to their mission and people whose passion and perseverance have enabled them to make a mark in the cut-throat entrepreneurial realm. To tell more tales of companies and go-getters that are dominating the commercial space, it has partnered with Portland News, a media institution known for its comprehensive coverage on current events and no-holds-barred take on industry leaders and rising aspirants.

Together, Local News Mag and Portland News will introduce acclaimed personalities and reputable ventures to the general public. From promising start-ups to the best coffee shops in town, the power duo will feature go-to brands. While doing so, they will go the extra mile in ensuring nothing but authenticity and honesty in their publications, believing that any form of misinformation is a taint to the trade and a disservice to communities.

Ultimately, Local News Mag aims to become the general public’s trusted source of information. By teaming up with Portland News, it plans to help consumers make well-informed decisions on which salon to relax in, restaurants to visit, and more. Additionally, it seeks to elevate deserving individuals and institutions to greater heights by increasing their reach and pushing them to public consciousness.

As Local News Mag continues to publish credibility-driven content in the years to come in partnership with the most prominent print companies in the field, it sets an example for others to follow. Its emphasis on authentic and unbiased journalism is set to serve as a reminder and a standard in the industry.

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