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Layla Michaels Believes That Everyone Should Have Equal Access to Solving Community Problems

In a world where many are motivated to succeed solely for fame or money, it truly brings back one’s faith in humanity to know that there are still people who couldn’t care less about these two things—that there are still those who genuinely want the world to be a better place. Advocate Layla Michaels is among these rare gems.

“Love is what motivated me to build my brand,” she shares. “If your ‘success motivation’ is fame, money, or achievement… success will be fleeting at best.” Layla Michaels emphasizes the power of having love and service to others as one’s motivation to succeed in life. She continues, “Your efforts—like the loaves and fishes—will multiply and last from generation to generation.”

Layla Michaels is a model, singer, and actress. A multi-talented person, she commits to using her God-given gifts not just uplift herself, but others, most importantly. The advocate shares that she always makes it a point to take the broadest possible view of diversity. She values people and the unique qualities that make them who they are and what they stand for. Be it a visible or invisible quality, Layla Michaels believes that these make people distinct and valuable. “I welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every community,” she explains. “I believe that every community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee must have equal access to solving community problems.” Layla Michaels is a firm advocate for equity and how people need to be equipped with the right resources to live and succeed. Apart from this being a human right, the talent shares that having these tools and opportunities will not only change the person’s life but ultimately the lives of those around him and the community he or she belongs in.

“To be engaged, you must feel included and valued,” Layla Michaels shares. This is why she continuously strives to build and nurture an environment with a culture that practices empathy and encourages belongingness. Her ideal world consists of people who have inclusiveness as a reflex, instead of an initiative. The advocate dreams of a community where “there is a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging that transcends any role, business unit, language, or country. Layla Michaels works toward a world united in a shared commitment towards innovation, excellence, and social responsibility. She believes in the value of having different ideas and perspectives from people in different backgrounds heard. 

Layla Michaels shares that in five years, she plans to operate seven homeless shelters. In these places, she hopes to house, feed, and uplift those who simply need the opportunity to get back on their feet. “I want to lead by example on what God’s love looks and feels like,” she says. “To genuinely serve those who are unable to serve themselves.” It is her life’s mission to demonstrate God’s love for this world through her works.

To connect with Layla Michaels and know more about her advocacies, check out her website.

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