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Kristian Is on a Mission to Inspire Through Songs of Love and Positivity

The power of music rests not only in its ability to serve as a medium of self-expression but also in its capacity to inspire action and change lives. Artists have long utilized this particular craft to reach out to others and, through the message they send across clothed in beats and rhythms, create an impact in various ways. One emerging musician who is wielding music in this way is singer, and R&B sensation Kristian. 

As an advocate of peace and understanding and a voice for the unheard and suffering in silence, Kristian is on a mission to be a voice of healing. By releasing songs that reflect his life’s purpose, he wants to show that there is much more to life than pain, violence, and hate. 

The road leading this rising star toward the music industry started when his potential was discovered while singing in church as a youth. Joining the choir was prompted by the inspiration he found in Bobby Jones’ gospel program on BET, and his passion burned even brighter thanks to a lot of 80’s and 90’s artist, including New Edition, Ready For The World, H-Town, Jon B, Jodeci, and Keith Sweat, to name a few. 

Today, he is making a name for himself in the music scene, boasting a highly successful debut track called “Success.” A song about a man who found his life renewed in the face of today’s troubled times, Success is based on this singer’s battle against depression and vices and his serendipitous meeting with his now-fiancé, Sharon. Crediting her for the transformation he embarked on, Kristian shares, “She amazed me on how somebody could love and care for someone in the state of mind that I was in at that point in time in my life. I realized there was so much more to live for in life. I quit taking pills and drinking because I realized I was not only hurting myself, but I was also hurting my family and my kids. My life completely turned around and I thank God for that”.

Armed with the insights Kristian has amassed after hitting several rock bottoms and the knowledge he gained over the years in the music industry, he has made it his mission to inspire others by sharing his story and artistry with the world. More than anything else, he hopes to become a beacon of positivity and a reminder that love is always a choice amidst the hatred people are drowning themselves in. 

Currently, this multi-talented personality is working independently through his own label, Duncan Group. With plans to release an EP in 2021, he can be often found in the studio, pouring his heart into his upcoming tracks.

Kristian, who is still riding the high from the milestones and awed responses from his peers and fans on the newly released video for “Success,” is honored to have the opportunity to have his voice heard. In the coming years, he aims to continue utilizing his platform to spread hope and highlight people’s resilience, regardless of how painful life’s punches are.

Know more about Kristian by visiting his YouTube channel and checking his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. More of his music can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

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