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KPMG Becomes the Next Accounting Firm to Dive Into the Metaverse

KPMG to utilize the metaverse for future operations
KPMG to utilize the metaverse for future operations

The metaverse has been the talk of town for more than half a year, prompting NFT brands to work towards integrating themselves into virtual reality. However, they are not alone; other established businesses have recently started pursuing this goal as well.

KPMG, one of the most prestigious accounting firms in North America and Canada, is exploring the metaverse territory with their latest venture.

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In a world where people are increasingly connected and empowered, it’s no surprise that this new facility will help them find their next big opportunity, connecting employees, clients, and communities.

In 2022, the firms are investing $30 million into Web3 experiences with a major focus on the metaverse hub.

This collaboration hub will be a crucial step for both firms to lead their employees and clients into Web3.

In order to be successful, a company needs more than an innovative idea. They also have the execution skills and teamwork needed for success, which is why it’s so important that clients work with professionals who can make their ideas come true by providing them with all of these things.

“The metaverse is a market opportunity, a way to re-engage talent and a path to connect people across the globe through a new collaborative experience,” said US deputy chair and chief operating officer at KPMG Laura Newinski.

“The unique experience provided by our collaboration hub will tap the creativity and passion of our people and clients to accelerate innovation,” she added.

KPMG Canada has been on the cutting edge of financial advice for years, but recently they took their expertise one step further by exploring cryptocurrencies. The firm added Ethereum and Bitcoin to its corporate treasury in addition to acquiring a World Of Women NFT.

The US branch has made it a priority to integrate new technologies like cryptocurrency and NFTs in order for them to be at their full potential.

The two companies have started leveraging Chain Fusion, a tool that provides audit services for financial and crypto-native firms.

KPMG Canada and USA is making plans to expand their business into cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 spaces through innovation strategies, which will see them explore opportunities for collaboration across various industries.

The president and managing partner of Digital at KPMG, Armughan Ahmad expressed his enthusiasm for this project, saying:

“The metaverse is making it possible for us to experience the ‘phygital’ world, where physical and digital worlds collide,” he explained. 

“The metaverse is a $13 trillion market opportunity that could boast as many as five billion users by 2030.”

“Our first immersive metaversal experience will take our people, clients, and communities beyond the traditional two-dimensional virtual environment and offer new levels of social connection, mobility, and collaboration,” Ahmad added. 

“Think of it as a world without borders that has the potential to enhance our lives by providing new opportunities to work, learn, and play.”

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