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Klepto Bears and Artist Amber Marie Poised to Rock the NFT Scene Soon

The non-fungible token movement has been a massive window of opportunity for artists everywhere who want to stay relevant in the digital age. Accordingly, many collections have gone big online, with more promising drops coming into the scene in the foreseeable future. One collection to watch out for is the NFT Klepto Bears by the highly talented artist Amber Marie from Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Amber isn’t your typical everyday artist. After jumping around various practices in the visual arts scene, she dropped out of school and moved to Las Vegas to find her sweet spot. Eventually, she would discover it in makeup and body painting, which mostly depended on photography. When COVID-19 happened, the whole photography and art scene took a big hit, leaving Amber Marie struggling to find significance and stability. 

After meeting Arman Lazadi and Danny Lorden in Graffiti Mansion, Amber would find a reignited fire in her for creative expression. The two would teach her the art and science behind spray paint creations and the power of NFTs. The new blockchain-based innovation has artists worldwide reaching wider audiences while also cashing in big time. Marie is now ready to unveil her version of the digital token, which she calls Klepto Bears.

The NFT-based artworks feature up to 10,000 variations of the same 2-D bear character with all kinds of quirks and traits. The character draws inspiration from the nostalgic child in every person. “How many treasures, how many relics, once loved have gone into the ether?” explains the NFT’s official website. “Klepto bears connect to our childhood and offer an important chance to reconcile those memories.”

To support the upcoming token drop, Arman and Danny have put in a pool of funds that will serve as big giveaways every time the mint hits a milestone. The prizes include all kinds of fantastic giveaways. In addition, for every 1,000 mints acquired by a collector, the Klepto Bears team will launch one vault. Each vault contains a giveaway to its community. Lastly, at the 10,000th mint acquired, the group will give away the ultimate prize— a Tesla automobile. The Klepto Bear giveaway roadmap is one of the most highly anticipated given how generous the offers are. Arman and Danny have allotted over $100,000 worth of prizes to be given away. 

By launching these NFTs, Arman and Danny hope to support artists like Amber Marie, who show massive potential to shape the art scene nationally and potentially even globally. As per the roadmap, Amber will also unveil the full story of the Klepto Bear and its journey through the thieves’ world. The story will come in the form of a free NFT to be given away to Bear holders. The artist has also launched a series of promises with every NFT milestone, including a pie to the face at mint number 1,250 up to a street art tag campaign once the community hits 8,000 bears. 

The Klepto Bear collection will be a part of the growing Cardano network. Learn more about Klepto Bears by visiting its website and Instagram profile.

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