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King Luxe Club, a Passion-Fueled Venture Bringing People Together

Countless industry leaders and established authorities have proven that the pursuit of one’s passion can be a way to make a difference. Long refuted are the assertions that nothing can come out of going after a particular interest. Case in point, musicians, artists, and more have not only managed to secure financial freedom after taking center stage in the entertainment scene but have also served as inspirational icons for aspirants worldwide. In the same vein, individuals who find delight in a very specific hobby or activity have succeeded in turning their enjoyment into an opportunity to impact lives for the better. King Luxe Club founder Abhi Malhotra, also known as KING AM, is one such passion-fueled personality who has made use of his platform for a purpose.

This go-getter, who was born in India and brought up in Dubai, came to the USA about ten years ago. He grew up in an affluent household under the guidance of his father, who owns a lucrative liquor business. Eventually, KING AM ended up working with his father for a few years and in the process, discovered and nurtured a fondness for exotic cars. Years down the road, that interest blossomed into a deep-seated passion that would serve as the fuel behind the launch of King Luxe Club. 

King Luxe Club is a multi-faceted venture that was formed out of the desire to bring people together around the joy of exotic cars. “At a time where many car clubs have turned their focus purely toward profitability, we aim to do something different. We want to build relationships that will last,” shares the enthusiastic figure behind this fast-growing group. Initially based in New York, it has facilitated events across the country and has even made waves internationally. 

At the core of King Luxe Club is the mission of allowing people the chance to enjoy life, help others grow, inspire each other, and live a luxurious lifestyle. Highly cognizant of how stark the world can get, especially amidst the numerous political, economic, and social issues, it wants to provide avenues where members can still find a way to thrive. 

Although it puts a heavy premium on providing people opportunities to live lavishly, King Luxe Club does not fail to underscore the importance of being grounded in current events. Since its establishment, it has introduced initiatives designed to benefit individuals and communities in need. Recently, it has partnered with a business in New York City to support local ventures that are struggling because of the pandemic. On top of this, it has conducted numerous charity events, as well, and has gone to great lengths to help cancer patients. 

Armed with the vision of dominating multiple industries in the future, King Luxe Club is currently establishing a foothold in the commercial space. Apart from planning to reach the forefront of the real estate scene, it is making a move to secure a spot within the spirits industry with the upcoming launch of its vodka and single malt scotch. 

Learn more about King Luxe Club by visiting its website.

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