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Katie Melissa Launches Amazon Elite Automation Service Best for Passive Income

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To obtain the freedom that a 9-to-5work lifestyle would not allow, Katie Melissa turned to Amazon. For over four years now, she has been a successful Amazon seller and entrepreneur, generating six figures a month. She has also established her Amazon Elite Automation service, a game-changer in the e-commerce platform where her team manages passive income-generating stores for her clients.

Katie Melissa is a digital entrepreneur who has founded several e-commerce businesses that generate multiple six figures monthly. She has been a successful high-volume Amazon seller for four years now, and she also sells on Shopify and other e-commerce platforms. She has experience in different selling models, including dropshipping, fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and private label. 

To pursue her passion for business and selling, she spent years mastering e-commerce and brand-launching methods. She also sits as a coach to hundreds of students worldwide, teaching them how to earn “laptop income” through Amazon and Shopify platforms. She equips them with the newest digital marketing strategies as well. Her courses include exclusive Amazon training and in-depth Shopify coaching lessons. 

Katie Melissa is the founder of Amazon Elite Automation service. Her team ensures that the client’s Amazon store is properly set up and ready to be automated. “Amazon Automation businesses are passive stores managed for clients. Our Amazon Automation team runs the store delivering hands-off results and passive income for you, the client. Our Amazon Elite Automation service is offered to a limited number of clients and produces 5 figure/month net profits within the first year of operating,” she explains. “Clients can also choose to sell their stores a few years down the road once their value is realized. I recommend our clients wait until their store is valued over 7 figures.”

For Amazon Elite Automation, Katie Melissa and her team also offer to create a brand-new Amazon store for clients. The team also takes on the time-consuming tasks of listing products, managing metrics and daily operating tasks, handling customer services, and finalizing orders.

Today, Katie Melissa and her Amazon Elite Automation team have helped a handful of Amazon store owners reach six figures annually. Ultimately, the purpose of her Amazon Elite Automation business is “to earn passive income without lifting a finger.” This is the task her team accomplishes while making sure that the clients earn a 10% to 25% profit margin

At present, Katie Melissa’s most notable training class is the new Blessed To Sell (BTS) Masterclass designed for those who are ready to take their Amazon journey to greater heights. The course teaches how to work and earn from home through the Amazon business. It also tackles different hacks for selling models and digital marketing and mind and psychology tactics for a successful business, proven and tested by experts and large-figure earners in the e-commerce industry.

Indeed, it is truly inspiring how Katie Melissa has quickly risen in the e-commerce community. Her dedication and commitment to her passion for e-commerce are unmatched. For this rising entrepreneur, creating one’s own business also means there are no ceiling and limits to what can be achieved. This is what keeps her going. 

To know more about Katie Melissa and her Amazon Elite Automation service, visit her website and the company website.



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