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Juliet Ramos of BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast Fights for Legal Public Defenders for Families in California Courts After Losing Custody Battle by a Flawed System

By Mike Bryan

Juliet Ramos out of Modesto, CA, is captivating audiences everywhere with her work as a mental health advocate for sucide prevention on her Mental Health podcast, BrokenGirl Unchained, as well as in her community. Her project helps to empower women by offering her platform to women and men who have been through life’s ugliest trials. For Juliet, it’s all about a good comeback story. She is living proof that people can overcome some of the worst life has to offer and still be an asset to their community and beyond. 

Juliet is no stranger to those struggles herself. Juliet’s most popular article in Healers Magazine, titled “Through the Looking Glass of a Involuntary Hospitalization,”  chronicles her suicide attempt back in 2011. It was from this prior attempt that her ex husband was recently able to unfairly make a false police report and have her committed this past September.

Juliet has decided to take on the US court system and speak out for parents everywhere who find themselves unable to properly defend themselves in family court.

“I am upset. I have a right to how I feel. The courts are mentally abusing my children and myself as of today’s interview. How is taking my children away from their mother healthy? All they have is pure allegations. When is someone going to step in and do their jobs? Reports have been made with false police reports he has made on me, harassment, police threat, tactics, and child abuse, yet I am held accountable? Think about this…My ex finds out about my condition and tells all that I’m suicidal and on drugs? Where is the proof? Where is the logic? Because he had an attorney, his allegation was taken as gospel.”  

These questions are what Juliet is hoping to answer by finding a way to propose new legislation that is much needed in our flawed family court system. Juliet is looking to empower parents who just want a fair hearing and who find themselves unable to afford a costly attorney. 

After going through years of emotional abuse and manipulation from narcissistic loved ones, Juliet Ramos lived a life full of self-doubt and a lack of self-worth, which fueled her passion for learning more about mental health. As she gained a more profound understanding of mental health issues, her boyfriend of 4 years, and BrokenGirl’s co-host, gifted her with the BrokenGirl Unchained website, a platform where she could publish content about empowerment, healing, and positivity. 

BrokenGirl Unchained started as a platform where Juliet’s stories and experiences were told and shared with the rest of the world. Sharing her story on BrokenGirl Unchained aided Juliet’s healing process. Knowing that there were other people facing the same challenges she faced, she wanted to remind them that they are not alone in their journey. Despite all the constant pain, she is still working to educate her audience that life may bring, grace, triumph, and happiness.

The Broken Girl Unchained Podcast currently covers a wide range of interesting and educational topics on mental health, relationships, poetry, fashion, pain, success, and triumph. Other entertaining discussions touched on topics of sex, films, seance, and many more. It features professionals and everyday people who are ready to share their insights and experiences.

Unfortunately, Juliet’s struggles are all too real. At the time of this publication, she has recently lost custody of her children as a result of a flawed system. Her ex-husband was able to manipulate the system and exploit Juliet’s past mental health challenges. 

It’s been absolutely devastating to my children and I. I am not allowed to see them or talk to  my own babies?  There is reports of sexual abuse in the fathers home. Everyone is downplaying this. This is child endangerment,” she says. “Their father has only picked up 2 out of the 3 children. My 17-year-old is autistic and requires special needs. If I am such a threat to my children, why does my son still remain in my care and my girls don’t? However,  on paper, I am only supposed to see my children with supervision? This is completely irrational. There are bigger issues in this case that need to be addressed immediately. Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.”

In addition to these legal challenges, Juliet is also currently fighting cancer for the second time. Juliet’s attorney misrepresented her during her hearing by not revealing her current condition while ordered to take a hair follicle drug test. Her attorney was negligent in his inability to properly make the court aware of her medical issues and how these issues have a probability of creating a false outcome for the screening.

After firing her attorney because of his negligence and exhausting all her available savings, Juliet found herself navigating through the family court system alone. This experience was nothing short of disheartening. In and out of the hospital, Juliet desperately needed solid legal representation. Unfortunately, she was unable to secure that representation in time for her final hearing. 

Situations  like these are the foundation of why the BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast is so needed in today’s society. 

What makes BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast unique is its rawness. By featuring real personalities who have experienced real pain and real success, people from all walks of life will see this platform as their refuge. Moreover, BrokenGirl Unchained is on a mission to spread mental health awareness and suicide prevention. 

Learn more about BrokenGirl Unchained Podcast and Juliet Ramos by visiting their official website.

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