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“Journey of Seasons” Takes Readers on a Voyage of a Life Built on Hope and Faith

As much as a piece of advice would impact people in trying times, nothing makes them feel more understood and connected than knowing that somewhere in one corner of the world, someone has gone through the same circumstances. Christine Heath knows what it’s like to be at the lowest point of life. Through her book, Journey of Seasons, she aspired to empower readers to take a leap of faith and face life with a mindset built on faith. 

Journey of Seasons aims to take readers on a journey to realizing what it means to “live for today; tomorrow is not a guarantee.” It shares an intimate narrative of the author’s 30-year journey in life and how God has sustained her through all her problems. “While reading this book, you will experience the pain I felt though my divorce, anxiety of wanting to commit suicide, the beautiful love of losing my grandmother, and my dad’s dying of cancer,” shared the author.

Christine always had a passion for writing from the young age of 16. She could gather even her deepest emotions and thoughts and transform them into beautiful lines of poetry. Much like emotions would flow freely, words would not cease to restlessly roam her mind until she finally set them on paper. Known for her quoting, Christine aspires to make readers realize that life should be lived fully every day, “for tomorrow is not a guarantee.”

Even in the darkest storms, Christine found sunshine in her faith, knowing that the goodness of God will sustain her for days to come. She recognizes that it was by grace that she has lived this long. Today, she encourages others to step out of their comfort zones, knowing that there is a greater God capable of solving things beyond human control. “God was my teacher, my healer, my advocate,” said Christine.

The author hopes that Journey of Seasons would allow her readers to see the bigger picture, to see past their storms, and learn to look for the sunshine. “Remember that he will never give you anything you can’t handle,” said Christine. Through love, the author shared her pain to global audiences, hoping that her experiences would serve as roadmaps for people who feel lost and defeated by their current situation. Journey of Seasons wants readers to reshape their lives by changing their mindset on how they view the future and its uncertainties.

Additionally, as described by the author, Journey of Seasons is an “alabaster box of hope and healing.” By sharing raw and real-life experiences, Christine is helping people tackle life’s darkest paths. The author herself has gone through rock bottom, and she wants to use her gift in writing to spread positivity and faith.  

“I offer a gift of spiritual healing and hope in the form of my writing,” said the author. Asked what she wants to say to her readers, Christine shared, “May Journey of Seasons be the light and give you the comfort for whatever season you are walking through.” The poems and the narratives in her book allow Christine to fulfill her purpose of using her God-given talent to be an instrument of hope and healing, especially in today’s challenging times.

To learn more about Christine Heath and Journey of Seasons, visit her website.

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